3 Reasons Your Friendly Local Game Store Is Your Little Rock Oasis This Summer

June 10, 2017

Summer break is a great time to travel and make plans. What about all the time you spend at home? If your summer break is locally bound, don’t get stuck sitting at home. Here are a few ways Game Goblins can come to the rescue.

Get some fresh, air-conditioned air. Stop by Little Rock’s Friendly Local Game Store, Game Goblins and check out our play space.

1. Get out of the house.

Sounds like something you’d hear over the static of a walkie talkie right before a nearby building explodes… I don’t know where I was going with that.

We’ve got events for every kind of tabletop gamer. Looking for a worthy Magic: The Gathering opponent? Interested in a tabletop game swap? Check out our events page: http://gamegoblins.com/events/.

As always, we have 6,000 square feet of friendly, well-lit play space open for use. Stop by and see what’s going on at Game Goblins on Bowman rd.

2. Give your kids something to do.

Got kids? Nannying for the summer? We have a full selection of tabletop games just for kids. Here are a few summer activities we recommend, as tabletop game experts.

– Play tabletop games. Need some suggestions? Our team can point you to some of our most popular, age-appropriate games. Or you can check out a few recommendations on our blog:

3 Games Every Babysitter Should Have in Their Arsenal

– Learn new games at our summer day camp. This summer Game Goblins is hosting a day camp for kids ages 8 and up. We’ll be teaching and playing games like Magic: The Gathering, Chess, Dungeons & Dragons and more. Learn more about our 2017 Summer Day Camp here: http://gamegoblins.com/summer-day-camp/

– Add to your toy collection. Bring your kids by Game Goblins to check out our inventory of interactive, even—if we dare to say it—educational toys. Check out high-quality spinners for sale right here at Game Goblins. They might not be a full game of entertainment, but they are perfect for a fidgety youngster with idle hands.

Have you or a loved one been infected by the spinner craze? It seems like these fidgets are everywhere these days. Before you get into arguing about the benefits and disadvantages of these spinners, you gotta stop by and try one.

3. Hobbies

An idle summer is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with a hobby you’ve neglected during school. Tabletop game miniatures anyone? We’ve got all the supplies you need. Is collecting your hobby. Stop by and check out our latest collectables.

What is your 2017 Little Rock summer going to look like?