4 Reasons to Unplug and Play

March 1, 2017

It’s after 5:00PM and a distant thunderstorm has knocked out power to your house. Without power to the TV, how do you entertain your family? You break out the collection of board games from the closet and think, “why don’t we play these more often?”

It’s no secret, tabletop games are making a comeback. They are a great excuse to bring friends and family together.

Here are a few reasons why you should step away from the screen, and find your next favorite tabletop game.

1. Tabletop games are a fun way to socialize. Social gaming helps establish community among players who share a common interest. In other words, it’s a great way to make friends.

While the world of online gaming continues to grow increasingly social, it doesn’t quite amount to the quality time you spend with your friends when you’re all together. Sitting around the kitchen table with half a dozen of your friends and a tabletop game is still one of the best ways to spend an afternoon.

2. Board games offer better strategy visualization. When it comes to games that require high strategy and critical thinking, board games have the advantage. With video games, it’s difficult to see the big picture and read your opponent. The physical nature of a board game helps players visualize their strategy. The real-time interaction players have with their opponents helps them make decisions.

Video games have also yet to match the appeal of real-life roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons.

3. Experience the game as the designer intended. It’s easy to forget about all the inspiration and design work that went into putting a game together. Board game designers have an easier time creating the game exactly as they see it in their head.

They come up with the story, the rules and the artwork and make it all come to life. Video game designers have the added challenge of working with programmers and specialists. They are also limited by funds and what the latest technology has to offer.

4. Tabletop games are made to last. There is a reason most parents still have a closet full of the board games they have collected over the years. Even if a paperclip is being substituted for a long-lost candlestick, Clue is still a top choice for family game night.

Although we will always love the classics, the world of tabletop games doesn’t fall behind when it comes to innovation. Even classic games like Catan have been upgraded with new designs or themes. Check out Star Trek Catan at Game Goblins. Learn more:

Game Highlight: Star Trek Catan

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