Magic: The Gathering: What’s It All About?

June 12, 2017

Maybe you’ve heard about Magic: The Gathering, maybe you’ve played it a few times. Doesn’t matter. We are here to give a you a little insight into the world’s most played collectable card game. Game Goblins is your top resource for Magic: The Gathering in Little Rock.

Ready to learn how to play?

If you’ve heard about Magic: The Gathering enough and are ready to start playing, stop by Game Goblins. Check out our inventory of Magic: The Gathering cards. Not sure what you are looking for, ask anyone on our team.

We host tournaments in our well-lit, friendly play space. It’s a great environment for new Magic: The Gathering players to hone their skills, learn the cards and experience the Magic craze.

What’s the big deal?

Magic is the world’s most played card game. It was first published in 1993 and grows every year with fascinating, new cards and a growing fan base of professional tours and home town tournaments.

With new cards coming out every year, you can imagine how the collectables have grown over the years. When you are playing a non-tournament round of Magic: The Gathering, you get to decide what cards can be used.

Playing vintage? Some players who have been playing Magic since its first release say that playing with vintage cards is the best way to play the game.

Why is it so much fun?

Some play for the fantasy elements and storytelling, some play for the adventure. Each player is essentially a wizard or sorcerer that must best the other player with cards and sequence. Build creatures and cast spells. You have to know what each of your cards is capable of and decide what is the best way to use them.

Winning the game requires skill and a little luck. The skill keeps players interested and the luck makes the game fun for everyone, even beginners.

The rules are universal.

Magic: The Gathering is played all over the world. The cards might be in a different language, but the rules are the same.

To play the game each player must know and agree on the rules. They can be a little complicated, but, just like the rules of any tabletop game, they give the game structure and keep the game interesting. Some of the rules depend on the number of people playing. Magic is usually played with only two players, but it can be played multi-player if necessary.