3 Card Games for Road Trips

August 13, 2018

Taking a road trip? There is no need to wait for your destination to start having fun. Here are a few card games you can find at Game Goblins that would be great for playing while on a road tripping adventure.

Don’t play these games if you are the driver. Distracted driving is no joke. If you are driving, the game is called “drive the car” you play by getting everyone to the destination safely.


1. A Fake Artist Goes to New York

How good are you at drawing lines in a moving vehicle? This party game would be great for the road because it is played on convenient dry-erase cards. No little pieces or large boards. Players will also need paper and pencils.

The game is designed for players ages eight and up. It is considered a party game because you need five to ten players to play. A game of A Fake Artist Goes to New York only takes 20 minutes — unless your opponents are really good guessers.

The question master and the fake artist work together to keep the fake artist undiscovered. The format of the game also makes it a great choice for a long drive because players will have the added challenge of being close to one another.


2. Funky Chicken

This game might not seem ideal for road trips because it involves lots of moving and jumping. Here is why we think it should be in your suitcase. After sitting in a vehicle for long hours, your passengers will need to get up and move. This is especially true if you are transporting kids.

Don’t play this game in the car. Play it when you get a chance to take a break from the car.

The game only takes two minutes to play. It can be played with three to six players ages six and up.


3. Catan – Traveler

This is just the game of Catan transformed into a more manageable platform. Play Catan – Traveler on the beach, without a table, with only two players, and on vacation.

The case of Catan -Traveler is roughly half the size of the original game. It only takes a few seconds to set up. The dice are in a dice shaker so they can be “rolled” wherever you need. Roads, settlements, and cities are indicated with small pegs that stick to the board. Should unexpected centrifugal force occur — like when the car turns — all your landmarks are still in place.

This version of Catan can be played with only two players, or it can be played with the usual four. It takes 75 minutes to play a game of Catan – Traveler and it is only recommended for players ages 10 and up.