3 Reasons to Visit the Best Board Game Store in Little Rock

Now we don’t like to brag, but Game Goblins is clearly the best board game store in Little Rock. Our staff is comprised of the friendliest, most knowledgable, magical-est nerds this side of the Arkansas River. Our selection is second to none – and have you seen the “try it out” library? Over 100 games that you can just sit down and play – right there in the store…for FREE! 

We host events, we make special orders, we bring people together through the joy of gaming in every form! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves a little. Instead of just listing them, let’s talk about why Game Goblins should be on your next tour of the town. 


1.We Help Forge Lifelong Friendships (or Rivalries)!

Now, as we write this, coronavirus has reared it’s ugly head and we are no longer offering in-person gatherings in the store. But let us tell you a tale of the golden days – and hopefully a tale of what will come in the future!

Picture this: Rows of tables line a comfortably lit, bookshelf lined room. Games pile up on shelves, a clash of riotous color and possibility. There’s a murmur in the air, people are gathered and they’re excited. Craft beer and snacks are passing hands. Seated at the tables are nerds – beautiful people who glow with the inner light of those doing something they love (maybe obsessively). Onlookers wait their turn at the table and cheer as cards are flipped, decks are won and lost, and victors emerge. 

Most of the losers smile and shake hands (a relic of the past – a signal that people were friendly. We don’t do this anymore.) with the winners, but a few frown and storm away from the tables to plot revenge on their new foes! Magic the Gathering is an unforgiving mistress indeed.

It’s a beautiful picture – but it was merely one scene of many that took place in our hallowed halls (or you know…the game room). Magic the Gathering and Pokemon tournaments, pre-release parties, DND sessions, homeschool game nights, and the occasional good old fashioned birthday party… we had it all! 

People came together and they played. And out of playing can only come camaraderie and a deeper understanding of your fellow players. Gathering to enjoy something you all love reminds you that you’re not alone, that you’re not weird for knowing the release date order of every card in your deck, and that you have something to look forward to every week besides the new episode of West World. 

Now social distancing and logistics make playing more difficult but remember that it’s still VERY possible. Wanna play DND? Zoom calls, Roll 20, and Discord make it easier than you’d believe to feel like you’re in the same room together. Got that board game bug? You can set up the board and put it on video, move the pieces as players call out – and a lot of games are coming out with digital versions you can download and play together! 

Or (just a thought exercise here), set up a board game on a table outside and stand six feet away from it. Have your friends do the same. Wear masks and (never before worn please!) gloves. Approach the table one at a time to make your moves. Loudly talk trash to each other from a distance. 

Bonus: this makes strategy even more challenging and fun! No? Okay – Zoom call then. But we still think it would be a hilarious memory.


2. We Bring Big City Nerdage to Our “Little” Rock

We’re not trying to talk trash when we say before Game Goblins, it was considered “out there” to play Risk with your friends on a Friday night. If you wanted to play DND, you had to order on Amazon, or know someone who went to the last Comicon. We aren’t claiming that we brought nerd-dom to Little Rock – that’s impossible. People with good taste and a love of strategy are everywhere. But we did make it SO much easier. 

What started as a little hobby store has grown into a full-fledged gaming empire! We have hundreds of board games, a dizzying array of figurines (plus painting supplies!), and a well-stocked library of RPG adventures and informational books.

Our staff is up-to-date on every new game release that comes out and every classic we stock – not because they have to (although they do, it is required), but because they freakin’ love this stuff. We talk about games all day every day and we get to play the new ones as a part of our job. It’s part of our culture to nerd out hard – with each other and with our customers. 

Our vow to you is to always, always be bringing you the best, the biggest, and the coolest games, figures, and supplies that we can find. And now you can shop us ONLINE. So support local! Amazon isn’t half as cool (or .0000001% as cool) as we are. 


3. Because You Love Board Games and Nerd Gear

We feel like this is self-explanatory. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t love the kind of stuff we sell. But it’s worth stating that when you shop with Game Goblins, you’re supporting the companies and people who create this amazing stuff we love, the local nerd community, and the fantastic people we employ. 

We started this because we love everything about it – and we wanted to share that with other people and get them as excited as we are about the new expansion pack for Smallworld or the pre-release of the new Magic cards. 

This place is a safe haven for all people who love to play. And we really want to keep it in business. 

So buy local, buy nerd, buy Game Goblins – the best board game store in Little Rock. We’ll be here to serve you as long as there are people who want to play. Contact us here or shop our store online!