3 Reasons Why Board Games are AWESOME Christmas Gifts (of course we're biased -- but hear us out.)

November 5, 2018

As the gift-giving season rolls around many find themselves brainstorming the perfect gift for a relative they don’t know much about. For many of us, the holidays are the only times we see these relatives. Yet, we still want to wow the crowd on Christmas morning with a gift so perfect it’ll set unrealistically high expectations for everyone concerning Christmas gifts for years to come.

Game Goblins has the perfect solution for you. Board games make awesome gifts for almost anyone. Here are a few reasons why.


With board games, you are giving the gift of quality time.

Not many gifts will rally complete strangers into a heated match-off between warring countries. Board games are unhurried because they require storytelling, strategy, and learning. Which gives players, even complete strangers, a comfortable space to hang out in.


Board games can give you the opportunity to interact with a relative you might not know as well. The pressure-free setting will give you the chance to break the ice. Who knows, maybe that grand-relative has got some pretty awesome stories to tell once they feel more comfortable around you.


Board games are actually good for your brain.

Some studies have even found a link between playing board games and being less likely to develop dementia. Board games also help students with math and problem-solving skills.


Board games can teach us all kinds of skills. They create a learning environment that is fun and engaging. Whether you are learning how to identify colors and shapes, or complex sequencing patterns to help you predict what your opponent is about to do.


Our brains are always working, but they crave new challenges. Board games keep players on their toes. Being slow and inattentive will surely remove any chance you have of winning. This active, engaging play actually increases how quickly our brains can respond to things.


A good board game can be invaluable during a stressful time of life.

Last but not least — and we mean this as cliche as we possibly can — having fun is important. Making time to play is essential when you need to combat stress and the side effects of anxiety.


Life is not as predictable as board games are. Even games that generated heated competition give players a grounding sense of control when real life is uncertain.