4 Reasons To Use a Playmat For Tabletop Gaming

April 22, 2019
Thinking about getting a playmat? Find all the tabletop gaming accessories you need right here at your local game shop, Game Goblins. What kind of playmat are you looking for?
Playmats are popular among avid tabletop game players because they take away any card game’s most frustrating element, slippery cards.


1. It makes the cards easier to pick up.

Have you ever gone to pick up a card that is supposed to be kept hidden, only to have it flip under the pressure of your grip. The card is revealed. Depending on the game you are playing, this could mean resetting the whole round.

The number one reason players choose to play on a playmat is that it makes the cards much easier to pick up. No more trying to grab cards off a flat surface.

It also keeps you from having to slide the surface of your card across the table. This is especially important for games with collectible cards.


2. Playmats make it easier to organize the game.

Some playmats are designed for specific tabletop games. They could be an upgraded version of the game’s original board, or just an added convenience.

This makes it easier to keep cards organized. It also makes sure you have enough space to have all your decks neatly placed.


3. They are awesome.

The best kinds of playmats are made of neoprene. This material is like a thinner version of the material used to make mouse pads.

Playmats are the tabletop gamer’s extra bling. A seasoned Warhammer 40K player might have a playmat with the same kind of artwork you’d see on the cards. The surface provides an awesome Warhammer 40K universe for the miniatures to stand on.

Playmats come in handy when you need your board to adapt for an expansion.


4. A playmat will help protect the table, cards, and miniatures.

The practical reasoning behind playmat is that they make an ideal surface for gaming. It could be a real lifesaver if you are dealing a hand of Catan on your grandmother’s vintage dining room table.

If you are playing with some hand-crafted miniatures, playmats are highly recommended. Some miniatures have a tendency to topple. The playmat would soften their landing. It also keeps miniatures from sliding off the table.  

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