5 Games You Missed That Were Just Released

We don’t know about you, but our boardgame obsession is starting to become a serious organizational issue. We’ve got bookcases, shelves, and under-bed storage dedicated to the evergrowing library but we still feel like…it isn’t enough? No? Just us? 

Whatever your board-gamer level, you have to admit that these are the times to break out the board games to break through that bored (heh – we couldn’t resist)! What used to be a rainy-day family pass time or a nerd-friends-unite evening in is now a “please sweet Cthulu, help me get through two more hours of quarantine without losing it” kind of activity. Just us again? 

But whether you just can’t play Monopoly One. More. Time. or you’re looking for something new because you’ve played your 40 other games already, we’re here to help with these brand new games! They’ve all been released in the last year or so – so unless you’re as hopelessly addicted as we are, you probably missed them coming out! So read on, check them out, and then let us know which ones played best virtually through your (properly social distanced) game sesh!

  1. Wingspan

Wingspan isn’t just gorgeous – it’s clever and educational and surprisingly low-key. This is the perfect game to play with your family – especially if you have (slightly older, 10+ recommended but ages 8-9 may still be interested) children you’re trying to effectively homeschool or keep entertained without resorting to 12+ hours of screentime. 

The game is an inspired look at birds that carefully weaves itself into a complex and rewarding game. Players become “bird spotters” and compete to discover new and unique breeds of birds and detail the characteristics of each new discovery.   

The art is calming and absolutely breathtaking and the tone of the game is really gentle – especially compared to other competitive board games.


  1. Gloomhaven  

Gloomhaven is an excellent choice for those of you itching for a new RPG, but without the desire (or ability) to invest the legwork and time to prep and DM. This game is basically an RPG in a box, complete with intricate campaigns, world-building, and combat encounters. Players are adventurers who work together to fight and loot their way through dungeons while using a “Choose Your Own Adventure” format that keeps the game fresh.

It’s best played over multiple sittings, so this is a godsend if you’re looking for a game to keep yourself (or your kids) occupied for hours at a time, several days a week. The only downside? It is preeeeety expensive – but well worth the investment for the hours and hours of fun and the almost infinite replayability. 


  1. Beasts of Balance

This game is for all ages because it’s based on dexterity and balancing rather than complex storytelling and strategy. It’s as easy as it looks on the game cover – players stack towers of animals and shapes as high as they can. First one to topple over loses! 

One of the major benefits of this game, in our opinion, is that there is a tie-in app that helps organize the game and keep track of goals and scores. It also allows for variations so you can play cooperatively or competitively! Stressful day with lots of sibling in-fighting? Cooperative is the ticket. Everyone looking grey and apathetic? Spice it up with the competitive version! 


  1. A War of Whispers

A War of Whispers is the newest game on our list and it’s been incredibly popular since its Kickstarted debut. This is a fantasy-themed game that takes traditional tabletop war and strategy simulators like Risk or Game of Thrones and puts a new spin on them by making the players spymasters rather than army generals. 

This is a game where it pays to know your fellow players because guessing their intentions is just as important as the plans you’re creating. This makes the game exciting and novel – especially if you’ve been playing games like Smallworld over and over again. On top of being a fresh way of using your noggin, A War of Whispers is shockingly easy to speed through with average gametime being between 45 minutes and an hour. Perfect for killing that hour before bedtime or in between Zoom calls!


  1. Silver & Gold 

Looking for a game with fewer pieces that’s a bit more portable and quick to play? Silver & Gold is a recently released card game that may do the trick! Players work to complete treasure maps with cards that look (an awful lot) like Tetris pieces. It’s a game of patterns with a Pirate-themed twist! Arrrrhhhh-en’t you glad we suggested it? (Sorry, sorry…we know.)

Wipeable cards and pens make this game endlessly replayable, so you’re guaranteed hours of fun!

If you have any questions about new releases and the best board games of 2020, just contact Game Goblins – we’re here to help make your collection of games an absolute wonder!