6 Reasons Why Moms Should Collect Pokemon Cards

September 6, 2018

Being the mom in any situation does not prevent you from getting in on the fun.

Pokemon Cards are a world in themselves. Some collect them. Some admire them. Some use them to explain the Electoral College. Some get down to business with Pokemon The Card Game (TCG).

Here are a few reasons you should battle with your Pokemon-invested kids.


1. It is a great way to spend time with your kids.

Pokemon TCG is actually fun for players of all ages. Go to battle. Build your deck. Collect the latest booster pack at Game Goblins. Doesn’t matter what stage of play you are in, you’ll be spending it with your kids.


2. Your little goblin will love the chance to teach you something.

The battles that take place in Pokemon TCG require math, critical thinking skills, and more. Many parents are surprised to find how much their Pokemon player has taught themselves and how much more they are eager to learn.


3. Pokemon TCG is a great way to learn good sportsmanship.

Good sportsmanship is of the best things you can give your kids these days. Many of us know adults that haven’t mastered the art of losing gracefully. Losing a battle will always be frustrating. But your kid will learn that losing is a good way to get better. Losing is part of playing any game.


4. You’ll gain insight into their social circles.

Pokemon TCG is a great way for even the shyest of goblins to make friends. To play you need to connect and communicate with other players. A shared interest is always a great place to start a friendship.

Since you are the cool mom that knows how to battle, you’ll have the chance to be included.


5. Use Pokemon cards to teach them how to budget.

They might be too young to balance a checkbook — do people still do that? —, but they understand it takes money to buy more cards. Work with your little goblin to save money and purchase cards responsibly.

Now that they have a little better understanding of the value of their cards, there is a good chance they will be more inclined to take care of them.


6. Keep your cards organized, let them organize how they want.

Can you imagine your kid keeping track of things and making sure they stay in good condition? Motivated by the latest booster pack or a well-designed deck, Pokemon players of all ages have found creative ways to keep their collection of cards organized and safe from harm.

There are many ways to organize Pokemon cards. Maybe watch and see how your little goblin approaches this care.

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