A Few Things You Should Know About Selling and Trading Pokémon Cards

February 5, 2019

A very fun aspect of any trading card game is learning how to use new cards and changing up your deck. Maybe you are trading Pokémon Cards to improve your deck. Maybe you are trading or selling because you’ve been playing your deck for a while and are ready for a new challenge.

Are you looking at trading Pokémon Cards to improve your deck, or set new challenges?


Here are a few tips on selling and trading your Pokémon Cards.


1. Condition matters.

The state your card is in is very important to the buyer or the other party in the trade. It is always a good idea to take care of your cards. Put them in sleeves that will protect them from UV light. Take care to protect them from getting dents or bends.


You can do this with cases, binders, and more.


On the flip side; it is not a good idea to buy or trade for a card that is not in good condition. Look for dents or bends. Are the edges frayed? White edges indicate the card has been tapped on the table a few to many times.


2. Keep it simple.

Sometimes players will trade their rare cards for multiple cards of lesser value. Don’t go too far with this kind of trade. One card for twenty is not a fair deal.


The best deal is a card for a card.


3. Show off your cards in battle.

If the card you are trying to trade with is not impressing the other party in the trade, show them how useful it is in battle. This a great excuse to play a hand of The Pokémon Card Game.


Remember, never feel pressured into a trade. If your gut is telling you it is a bad trade. Listen to it. You should also make sure that you are not pressuring the other party into the trade. In trading cards, there is very rarely a trade-back.


4. Know the value of your cards.

You know how your card plays on the battlefield, but how much is it selling for on ebay? Knowing the value of your card will save you from getting the lesser end of a deal.


The value of your card also depends on how useful or powerful it is in battle. What kind of strategy are you using to rebuild your deck? If you plan on trading, selling, or buying cards often, consider educating yourself to become a Pokémon master trainer. The extra insight to The Pokémon Card Game will be very valuable when deciding whether or not to make a trade.


5. Sell your cards at Game Goblins.

Your friendly local gaming store is a great place to sell trading cards. You can also meet fellow Pokémon Card Game players who are willing to trade.

Got some Pokémon Cards you are looking to sell? Check out our buy list to see how much we are willing to pay for it. We will buy your card for cash or store credit. Not sure about a card? Stop by and ask.