Benefits Of Painting Miniatures As A Hobby

October 12, 2018

Love painting miniatures? Do you regularly find yourself browsing art supplies at your local game shop? Turns out, hobbies like miniature painting are good for us. They can even help us be more successful in our careers.

So make some room in your schedule and get painting.

Here are a few benefits of painting miniatures as a hobby.


1. You have a hobby.

Has anyone ever asked you what you do for fun, and you realized your life might be boring? Your life isn’t boring. Just scattered. Studies show that having a hobby helps us be more productive with our free time.


By being productive, you’ll actually be having fun during your free time.


2. Miniature painting is a great creative outlet.

Anyone who loves fantasy tabletop gaming should try their hand at miniature painting. It might seem intimidating when you see the amazing miniatures the pros create. Keep in mind, they have lots of expensive paint and gear. They also have hours and hours of practice.


You don’t need to be an artist to paint miniatures. Think of your work as bringing the creature or character to life. What do they look like in your head?


3. Community.

Once you start painting, you’ll meet other painters who will have tips for you. Hobbies tend to attract communities. Since everyone enjoys doing the same thing during their spare time, there is plenty to talk about.


The best place to find fellow miniature painters is at a game shop. At Game Goblins, we have a full selection of high-quality supplies. Need space to work? Take advantage of our well-lit play space.


4. Flow.

Many gamers experience the state of mind called flow without realizing it. It happens when you are immersed in a game — or hobby. Inflow you forget all sense of self-consciousness, time disappears, you forget to eat lunch, and before you know it daylight is gone.


This psychological state is very hard to find outside of hobbies.


5. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Many hobbies are turned down because they simply don’t fit the budget. Miniature painting doesn’t have to be one of them.


You probably already have the miniatures. All you need is a little direction. As a beginner, you truly don’t need to go overboard with the pricy supplies. The $.50 craft paints at your nearest big box store will do just fine.


Do some research to learn different hacks that other miniature painters have learned to save a few bucks on supplies.