Best stocking stuffer gifts for the game geeks in your life

One of the best things about the geeks in your life has got to be their passion for what they love. You know exactly where they stand and what they love because they’re always talking about it! That makes it feel like it should be pretty easy to shop for them come the holiday season, but sometimes these lovely nerds are deceptively difficult to buy for. Chances are they already own all the basics, and you don’t know enough about the deep end to buy them a really meaningful present. SO frustrating! 

Luckily, you have the gaming and geek experts at Game Goblins to help you out! Here’s a list of our favorite stocking stuffers for those loveable geeks in your life. 

Sushi Go

If your gamer loves the Munchkin card games and/or Magic the Gathering they’re almost guaranteed to love Sushi Go! It’s an adorable card game that’s easy to transport. It’s also incredibly easy to teach to people, making it a great party game. There are 108 cards, all illustrated with animated, anthropomorphic sushi dishes that defy common cuteness scales. 

Around $10-15 in the US makes it an affordable and thoughtful gift for your friend who loves gaming.


Now this one depends on what kind of geek you’re dealing with, but if you love an RPG nerd (think Dungeons and Fragins, Pathfinders, Monster of the Week, etc.) then you should know that they LOVE dice. It sounds ridiculous. They already have a huge bag full! But much like the dragons we’re fighting, we just can’t help the hoarding! 

Gold dice, rainbow dice, huge dice, plush dice, dice rings, super heavy dice… We’re all looking for that perfect weight in the palm of our hands and that dice that just keeps rolling Nat 20s! You can find all sorts of customized dice at any price point you’re comfortable with. Get them a set in their favorite color, have their name engraved on the D20, or buy them those metal ones that make you feel like you’re going to break the table when you roll – we promise you can’t go wrong!

Dice Accessories

Don’t want to enable your friend’s problem? Try some dice accessories instead! You can personalize a dice bag, find a cool dice tray (for rolling, not storing), or invest in a kooky dice tower shaped like a dragon (yup, it’s real)! Dice mania need not stop with the hoarding – you can enhance their playing and rolling enjoyment as well!

Game Upgrades

For almost every element in your friend’s favorite game, there are clever upgrades out there. Instead of using crappy cardboard coins, they could be using realistic metal ones! Are they playing DnD or other map based games with paper placeholders or little animal figurines? Upgrade them to real miniatures! 

Just ask them about their favorite game and watch how they play. What could you upgrade that would make play easier, funnier, cooler, or more realistic? 


This may be an unexpected item on the list but people who host game night will be forever in your debt if you give them the gift of coasters. It keeps your gaming table pristine and ring-free during game night with no more secret resentment about that time Daniel left a coke can in the same spot for THREE HOURS and you had to refinish the whole table. 

No? Just us? Well, keep it from happening to you! 

P.S. Of course we highly suggest themed coasters. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Meeple…whatever the game of choice is!

If you’re still not sure what to get your beloved geek for the holidays, stop by Game Goblins! We’d love to walk and talk you through your options and help you find the perfect gift.