What to Play When the Kiddos are Home from School

August 14, 2019

For most parents with school-aged kids, summer is bittersweet. You love spending more time with your kids but at the same time, it’s a struggle to keep them engaged and active so they don’t spend all day in front of the TV. It’s especially challenging on rainy days when the kids can’t head outside for a neighborhood game of Tag.

If you’re running out of ideas, we have you covered. Check out these top board games to play with your kids.



This is one of those iconic board games you may remember from your childhood, but it keeps coming back with one modern version after another. Players compete to create sequences of cards on the board. Not only is it a fun game for kids over age 7, but it will put your kids’ analytical skills to work so they keep their brains in shape over the summer.



If you have some budding artists in your family, this is the perfect choice above other board games. It combines two games you probably played as a child yourself: Pictionary and Telephone. Kids have to draw images to try to get each other to guess their message. The best part of this game is that it works great for larger groups of 6-8. No more taking turns to play games like many large families need to do.


The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

If you have preschoolers or kids of other ages that are trying to learn their colors, this game is the perfect option. It’s easy for kids to follow as they find the acorns that match their target color. Players need to collect each color of acorn to win the game. On top of their color matching skills, kids will be able to work on their sportsmanship as well as hand-eye coordination.


Pokémon Cards

We grant that this one requires more preparation work and learning about the game in advance, but it’s worth it. If you’re not from the generation that went through a Pokémon cards craze in their younger years, the gist of the game is that each of the Pokémon in your deck has attack methods and skills, and you put them up against your opponent’s cards in a “battle.” For an afternoon of entertainment, try holding a Pokémon tournament for the family.


Settlers of Catan

If you have teens, tweens, or advanced kids who are younger, Settlers of Catan is the perfect way to exercise their analytical skills. This game turns your kids into pioneers who have to collect natural resources and put them to good use to build competing settlements. It’s a game of strategy and multi-tasking that’s not only fun but also gets your child’s brain back into gear for the school year.


Putting Board Games to Good Use

There are some oldies that are still around for a reason, and board games are one that list. They give you an opportunity to experience something together as a family, enjoy each other’s company, and in many cases, learn something at the same time. The next time you’re looking for a screen-free activity for your kids, break out any of the board games above.

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