Board Games To Bring Back In 2020

At Game Goblins, we love games in every size, shape, and form. But it’s pretty clear that one of the biggest trends in the gaming world is the comeback of the board game. From strategy games that last for hours to 30-minute word association games, the world of board games has something for everyone. 

And now there seem to be dozens of new board games coming out every month – which we love!! But we also understand that with ballooning of stock come questions of quality. Is this game any good? Will your friends enjoy it? Can you play it over and over and still enjoy the experience? You want to make sure you’re investing your $25-$60 wisely! 

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to focus on the board games that are known for being well-made, replayable, and reliably enjoyable for everyone who plays them. Check out some of the best, most popular and nerdy board games! 


Settlers of Catan

We know, we know… it seems like Catan is on every list we (and everyone else) makes. But there’s a reason this classic stays a classic. It’s strategy based but accessible for new players, young kids, and non-gamers. It’s replayable because there are endless combinations of roads and resources and towns to build – not to mention the 6 expansion packs if you do ever start to get bored! 

Use resources like lumber, brick, wool, and grain to start settling your land and building your empire. You roll dice to move forward and collect Development Cards to create your roads and cities. Raid your opponent’s resources and increase your strategic building opportunities. The first player to achieve 10 victory points wins. 

It’s a simple game, but it is universally loved and praised for its educational merits making it one of the best games for families. It’s highly analytical but also involves narrative and storytelling so it helps develop skills across cognitive and emotional intelligence spectrums.

AND, it was called “the game of our time” by the Washington Post! Can’t beat that!



This game is a little more recent than some of the others on our list, but we had to include it. Even though it was released in 2019, it’s already considered a classic and if you’re a board game nerd you will freaking love this game. 

In PARKS, players move their game pieces – “hikers” – along a trail in a national park. Every space can be occupied by only one hiker and it offers a unique benefit. You use resources like water, sun, wildlife, and mountains to upgrade, gain abilities and visit parks

The park cards are gorgeously illustrated and they contain interesting, real factoids about each park! So you get to learn while you play! (We know how nerdy that sounds – we’re not ashamed. It’s cool to be smart.)

PARKS has a welcoming theme, interactive gameplay, easy to learn rules, high-quality pieces, average playtime, high replayability, and quick turns. Each player can approach the game differently, but the competition is still pretty tight. Add the incredibly relaxing and chill atmosphere of the game (you’re hiking in a national park after all!) and you have a crowd-pleaser. 



“Bring back Risk! Bring. Back. Risk! BRING BACK RISK!!” 

Just us? We didn’t think so. Every high school boy you know has played, talked about playing, or been made fun of for not playing Risk. But don’t let that keep you from trying it if you’re not a high school boy. Hasbro’s dice rolling war-themed game will go down in history as one of the most popular board games of all time. 

Risk covers themes of diplomacy, conquest, battle strategy, and empire-building. There are foot soldiers, infantry, and artillery pieces – each assigned increasing point totals. Use the pieces to occupy territory while also defending your territory from other players! If you can conquer an entire continent, you’ll be rewarded with more points per turn. The last player standing wins. 

There are both short and long playtime options as well as a “battle” mode for two players to face off. This game is endlessly replayable because how it turns out is so highly dependent on the strategies of the players. This game is an intense test of your risk assessment, critical reasoning, and strategic judgment skills – and you also end up learning geography and world history as you go! 

So many newer war games owe their inspiration to Risk. Try out the original and see why fans get so worked up about it!

Check out these, and other game night ideas, at our store or contact Game Goblins with any questions you might have! We’re more than happy to help you pick out the perfect game for your next gathering. It’s literally what we live for.