Bring Family Game Night Back With These New Tabletop Games

September 6, 2018

Family games don’t have to begin and end with the classics. Here are are a few recently-released games we think your family would love to play.

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Got your eyes set on a career as an investor? Here is a sneak peek into the exciting world of shareholding. This game is great for family game nights if your kids are looking for a challenging. It is recommended for players ages 10 and up. It takes 20 minutes to play a round and you’ll need three to seven players.

To win you must become be biggest investor. Also, just like the real world, to win Startups, you must catch quite a bit of luck.



This game is basically Category — a game that has been around since 1995. So there is a good chance parents have already tried their hand at a round or two. Assign a fitting tag before your 15 seconds are up. To win, you must collect the most marbles.

Tags is best played with two to four players ages 10 and up. Up to 12 can play if the family decides to play in teams. It only takes 20 to 40 minutes to finish a round.


Braintopia Beyond.

Released in the wake of the oh-so-popular Braintopia, Braintopia Beyond is mentally challenging players with focus, flexibility, and speed. This is a puzzle solving game that features many different kinds of puzzles to solve. Get ready to multitask, carefully observe what is going on around you, and collect all four brain tokens to win.

This game is best played with two to six players. The mental challenge is suitable for kids eight years old and up — but you can bring exceptional younger goblins into the fold. A round takes 15 minutes to play.

If you need to entertain kids as young as six, check out the Braintopia Kids rendition of this game. It is played the same, but the mini-games are different. Collect brain tokens by completing a Touch challenge, getting cards from Maze, Odd one out, Coordination, Duplicates, Frequency, and reasoning.


The Captain is Dead: Lockdown.

Need a game where all the players *ahem* family members work together? Check out this challenging standalone episode of The Captain Is Dead. Your family game night is about to turn into an adventure.

This game works with one to seven players ages 12 and up. A round can take anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. Make sure to set some ground rules before starting if you think they might be needed for your family to make it out of this alien hostage situation alive.