Can One Actually Win a Game of Cards Against Humanity?

June 9, 2019

No. But let’s stretch this out into a four-point blog.


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1. Do you consider knowing just how dark your opponents sense of humor goes winning?

This is a great game to play with absolute strangers if you want to determine their sense of humor. Or, more realistically, if they have one, what kind of demented jokes surface once their inner, dark sense of humor has been set loose.

Your co-workers could be absolute lunatics — the gravity of the situation only increases the lesser the amount of alcohol being consumed


2. Isn’t the real treasure/championship the friendships you built along the way?

If you’ve sprung out your handy dandy Cards Against Humanity deck, you are probably hosting or attending some kind of gathering. Once you’ve got a game going — assuming you have the right audience — there is no doubt laughter to be had. An inside joke that you cannot — like really can’t — mention in a business setting is created.

You’ve turned an office face and a name into a friend or an acquaintance, at the very least.


3. The game is over when you’ve really topped your comedic genius.

The game is designed to bring out a very certain kind of laughter. It’s a laughter mixed with embarrassment, trying desperately not to create mental imagery around the words that have just been laid out and humor.

Once you’re certain you’ve heard that laughter. My guy, you’ve won.

Speaking of comedic genius, did you know you can write CAH cards? Check it out.


4. A certain line has been crossed and you need to bring the humor back down to acceptable levels of poor taste.

Remember, you will most likely need to interact with the folks you are playing with again. In a non-CAH setting. What level of unacceptable humor do you want them to associate with you? If you have no qualms with being associated with naked pictures of Hitler, continue my friend. In a way, you have already won.

If you do have some concerns about the topics downgrading your social status, this game will be very healing for you.

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