Check out this backpack! | Available At Your Local Game Shop

March 1, 2019

Follow us on Facebook? Then you know that we regularly post about new games and re-stocks in our game shop. This past month we featured a backpack. It might look out-of-place, but, man oh man, it is certainly where it needs to be.

In this blog we are going to geek-out over the majestic, beautiful, life-altering, practical backpack we have at our game shop, that is the Ammonite Anti-Theft backpack.



Critics rumble and they have a point. If you left this backpack unattended, it could be picked up and carried off by a thief just like any backpack. The security features focus on the safety of the contents of the backpack while you wear it.


It is designed for transporting your gaming gear. Whether your game of choice is wargaming, Roleplaying, trading cards, collectible cards, or all of the above, this backpack is essential for safe transport. The Ammonite Anti-Theft also has RFID-secure pockets. These will keep your credit card and personal information safe as you go. There are convenient pockets and hidden zippers.


Protect your investment.

Gaming can get expensive. Even if you budget wisely, you’ll invest more and more over the years. You’ve got miniatures you’ve painted by hand, collectible cards you would be sorry to lose, or expensive gadgets that you want to be kept safe. Taking these things out into the world — like when you are going to a gaming event at a game shop like Game Goblins — is stressful enough as it is.


Protect your collection from the elements, and human error.

The backpack as a whole is water-resistant. Don’t submerge the Ammonite Anti-Theft and expect everything to be fine. The water-resistance is designed for rain — even heavy rain.


It also has anti-shock-foam and extra padding to help protect the contents of the backpack if you drop it, or if you are wearing it when you slip on some ice, falling right on your backside in front of a large crowd.


Events are more fun because your gear is organized.

The organization this backpack offers also helps you with easy access to your gear. Tired of losing things? This backpack is for you! It is designed with tabletop gamers in mind. The pockets are perfect for organizing your gear.


These pockets are secure enough to prevent items from damaging the items around them.


This includes the handy pockets located on the straps of the backpack. Need a pen so you can get an autograph from your favorite designer at a convention? Boom. Promise yourself you are going to be smart about purchasing merch at said convention, only to immediately change your mind when you step in the door? Your credit card is ready to go.

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