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Our staff has been working diligently to implement new cleaning procedures for the previously closed play area, and we feel like we’re able to re-open to the public in a limited fashion. We wanted to take a moment to explain what we’ve changed, and what will be required for people using our play area going forward.

What we’ve done:

1. 1: Effective Friday May 28, we are open Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10pm, Sunday 12pm-7pm.
2. The play area has been completely rearranged. We have reduced the number of tables available in the store, and they are spaced out to help maintain social distancing between groups. Magic events are capped at 24 players. Wargaming is limited to five tables. Other games are limited to three large tables. Tables and chairs may not be moved or rearranged.
3. Tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected every morning, every night, and after every use, every day.
4. We’ve set up commercial air filtration and purification systems.
5. Our staff is required to wear masks. They also have their temperature checked at the beginning of their shift, and are sent home if their reading is high. All staff has been given PTO in the event they fail the temperature check. No one has to worry about getting sick and missing a paycheck.

Additionally, we’ve implemented the following rules for using our play area or participating in events:

1. If you are sick, immunocompromised, running a fever, have a persistent cough, or have been exposed to someone that you know to be sick, we kindly ask you to please stay home. If you pre-paid for an event, we will be happy to refund your event fee. If this is ignored and our staff feels unsafe because of your coughing or sneezing, you may be asked to leave.
2. All guests ages 2+ to our play area must wear a mask. There are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. If you don’t have a mask, we have masks available for $2.
3. All guests must sign a waiver to use our play area or participate in events. If you are a minor or have a minor child participating in an event or using our space, their legal guardian must sign a waiver on their behalf.
4. Please wash your hands, especially between rounds, if you are in the event that requires you to touch someone else’s cards. Please make use of our hand sanitizer stations.

We made these changes in the hopes that we can accommodate our customers’ desire to play at the shop while ensuring the safety of our staff. These policies are subject to change as the situation evolves.