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Buy price is a cash offer. Add 25% more for store credit offers. For cards that are not near-mint: LP is 90%, MP is 60%, and HP is 20% of listed price. We do not buy damaged (D) cards.

Buy Price
Card Name
Card #
$0.03Bulk Rares (NM only)--
$0.15Bulk Super Rares (NM only)--
$0.35Bulk Super Special Rare (NM only)--
$0.25Assembling the Squad - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-107Common
$3.00Botamo, Defender of Universe 6 - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-088Common
$0.15Broly, Counter ReversalAssault of the SaiyansBT7-020Super Rare
$0.15Broly, Tragedy ForetoldAssault of the SaiyansBT7-115Super Rare
$1.00Broly, Tragedy Foretold (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-115Special Rare
$0.25Caulifla, the Awakened SisterAssault of the SaiyansBT7-083Super Rare
$0.15Champa and Vados, Gracious AidAssault of the SaiyansBT7-119Super Rare
$0.15Dependable Brother Son GohanAssault of the SaiyansBT7-006Super Rare
$58.00Dependable Brother Son Gohan (SPR Signature)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-006Special Rare Signature
$0.35Dependable Brother Son Gohan (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-006Special Rare
$0.25Familial Bonds - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-021Common
$0.15Fused Zamasu, Divine ProvidenceAssault of the SaiyansBT7-123Super Rare
$0.50Fused Zamasu, Divine Providence (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-123Special Rare
$0.15Hit, Pride of Universe 6Assault of the SaiyansBT7-079Super Rare
$44.00Hit, Pride of Universe 6 (SPR Signature)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-079Special Rare Signature
$0.35Hit, Pride of Universe 6 (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-079Special Rare
$0.15Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Defender of EarthAssault of the SaiyansBT7-111Super Rare
$0.25Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Defender of Earth (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-111Special Rare
$0.15Kale, the Awakened SisterAssault of the SaiyansBT7-040Super Rare
$1.00Kale, Timid Sister - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-041Common
$0.15Meteoric Energy KeflaAssault of the SaiyansBT7-121Super Rare
$1.00Meteoric Energy Kefla (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-121Special Rare
$0.15Meteoric Energy SSB VegitoAssault of the SaiyansBT7-118Super Rare
$89.00Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito (SPR Signature)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-118Special Rare Signature
$0.50Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-118Special Rare
$0.15Piccolo, Special Beam Cannon UnleashedAssault of the SaiyansBT7-060Super Rare
$29.00Power of Potara - Vegito, Kefla & ZamasuAssault of the SaiyansBT7-131Secret Rare
$0.15Raditz, Saiyan-In-ArmsAssault of the SaiyansBT7-051Super Rare
$0.35Raditz, Saiyan-In-Arms (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-051Special Rare
$0.15Son Gohan & Son Goten, Familial BondsAssault of the SaiyansBT7-113Super Rare
$1.00Son Gohan & Son Goten, Familial Bonds (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-113Special Rare
$2.00Son Gohan // Son Gohan & Son Goten, Brotherly Bonds - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-001Common
$0.50Son Goku & Vegeta // SSB Vegito, Energy Eruption - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-025Common
$0.25Son Goku, Making an Entrance - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-100Uncommon
$0.25Sorrowful Strike Tien Shinhan - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-063Common
$0.15SS2 Trunks, Memories of the PastAssault of the SaiyansBT7-030Super Rare
$65.00SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past (SPR Signature)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-030Special Rare Signature
$0.50SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past (SPR)Assault of the SaiyansBT7-030Special Rare
$22.00SS3 Scramble - Raditz, Vegeta & BrolyAssault of the SaiyansBT7-130Secret Rare
$0.25Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-076Common
$0.25Trunks, Time Regulator - FoilAssault of the SaiyansBT7-103Common
$0.15Vegeta, Saiyan EliteAssault of the SaiyansBT7-114Super Rare
$2.00Ancient Wisdom Guru - FoilClash of FatesTB3-056Common
$0.25Assimilate - FoilClash of FatesTB3-062Common
$0.50Bardock // Bardock, Hope of the Saiyans - FoilClash of FatesTB3-018Uncommon
$1.00Body Change Ginyu (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-006_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.25Burnished Bonds Borgos - FoilClash of FatesTB3-029Common
$0.25Dende // Piccolo, Brimming with Confidence - FoilClash of FatesTB3-049Uncommon
$0.15Final Showdown FriezaClash of FatesTB3-002Super Rare
$1.00Final Showdown Frieza (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-002_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.15Final Showdown Son GokuClash of FatesTB3-035Super Rare
$4.00Final Showdown Son Goku (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-035_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.15Final Strike BardockClash of FatesTB3-019Super Rare
$3.00Final Strike Bardock (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-019_SPRSpecial Rare
$18.00Frieza, Army RebornClash of FatesTB3-069Secret Rare
$3.00Frieza, Overture to Battle - FoilClash of FatesTB3-005Common
$0.15Newfound Power PorungaClash of FatesTB3-066Super Rare
$0.50Newfound Power Porunga (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-066_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.50Paralysis Technique - FoilClash of FatesTB3-017Common
$0.15Piccolo, Fused with NailClash of FatesTB3-053Super Rare
$0.25Piccolo, Fused with Nail (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-053_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.25Porunga's Dragon Ball - FoilClash of FatesTB3-067Common
$5.00Son Goku // Son Goku, The Legendary Super Saiyan - FoilClash of FatesTB3-034Uncommon
$1.00Tactical Victory Vegeta - FoilClash of FatesTB3-040Common
$0.15Tenacious Spirit Son GohanClash of FatesTB3-037Super Rare
$1.00Tenacious Spirit Son Gohan (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-037_SPRSpecial Rare
$2.00Tora's Red Armband (SPR)Clash of FatesTB3-032_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.15Absolute Space SS3 TrunksColossal WarfareBT4-101Super Rare
$0.15At All Costs VegetaColossal WarfareBT4-030Super Rare
$0.15Bardock, the ProgenitorColossal WarfareBT4-073Super Rare
$15.00Beyond Darkness DemigraColossal WarfareBT4-124Secret Rare
$0.15Colossal Malice HirudegarnColossal WarfareBT4-036Super Rare
$0.15Combo Killer AnilazaColossal WarfareBT4-067Super Rare
$1.00Dark Absorption Mira - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-110Common
$10.00Distant Descendant, Son Goku Jr.Colossal WarfareBT4-123Secret Rare
$0.15Epochal Grudge Great Ape BabyColossal WarfareBT4-016Super Rare
$0.15Height of Mastery Son GokuColossal WarfareBT4-075Super Rare
$5.00Height of Mastery Son Goku (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-075Special Rare
$0.50Hidden Darkness Minotia - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-041Common
$0.15Jiren, Universe's StrongestColossal WarfareBT4-094Super Rare
$0.15Kami's Power PiccoloColossal WarfareBT4-049Super Rare
$0.35Kami's Power Piccolo (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-049Special Rare
$0.15Mira, Creator AbsorbedColossal WarfareBT4-108Super Rare
$0.15Saiyan Onslaught KeflaColossal WarfareBT4-019Super Rare
$0.15Temporal Darkness DemigraColossal WarfareBT4-105Super Rare
$0.25Temporal Darkness Demigra (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-105Special Rare
$0.15Titanic Ambition Lord SlugColossal WarfareBT4-059Super Rare
$0.15Triple Flash SS4 Son GokuColossal WarfareBT4-003Super Rare
$0.25Triple Flash SS4 Son Goku (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-003Special Rare
$0.15Desperate Warrior Super Saiyan BardockCross WorldsBT3-084Super Rare
$0.15Dimension Breaker MiraCross WorldsBT3-116Super Rare
$0.15Explosive Spirit Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-088Super Rare
$1.00Explosive Spirit Son Goku (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-088Special Rare
$0.15Fearless PanCross WorldsBT3-008Super Rare
$0.50Flying Nimbus - FoilCross WorldsBT3-104Common
$0.15Fu, Shrouded in MysteryCross WorldsBT3-118Super Rare
$5.00Fu, Shrouded in Mystery (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-118Special Rare
$23.00Hyper Evolution Super Saiyan 4 Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-123Secret Rare
$0.15Hyper Rush SSB VegitoCross WorldsBT3-063Super Rare
$7.00Hyper Rush SSB Vegito (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-063Special Rare
$2.00March of the Great Ape - FoilCross WorldsBT3-106Common
$0.15Meta-Rilldo, Form PerfectedCross WorldsBT3-018Super Rare
$0.25Planet M-2 - FoilCross WorldsBT3-030Common
$0.15SS3 Bardock, Power UnleashedCross WorldsBT3-109Super Rare
$0.15The Ultimate Evil, Majin BuuCross WorldsBT3-047Super Rare
$0.15Trunks, Power Overseeing TimeCross WorldsBT3-111Super Rare
$0.15Ultra Instinct -Sign- Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-033Super Rare
$6.00Ultra Instinct -Sign- Son Goku (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-033Special Rare
$0.15Unending Destruction, Android 13Cross WorldsBT3-069Super Rare
$0.15Unstoppable Ambition Super Saiyan CauliflaCross WorldsBT3-078Super Rare
$0.15Victorious Fist Super Saiyan 3 Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-003Super Rare
$49.00Arcane Absorption Majin BuuDestroyer KingsBT6-126Secret Rare
$0.25Babidi, Overseer of DestructionDestroyer KingsBT6-047Rare
$0.15Boujack, the PlundererDestroyer KingsBT6-093Super Rare
$3.00Boujack, the Plunderer (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-093_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.15Broly, Limits TranscendedDestroyer KingsBT6-060Super Rare
$3.00Broly, Limits Transcended (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-060_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.15Broly, the Supreme BerserkerDestroyer KingsBT6-074Super Rare
$3.00Broly, the Supreme Berserker (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-074_SPRSpecial Rare
$114.00Broly, Ultimate Agent of DestructionDestroyer KingsBT6-125Secret Rare
$3.00Broly, Unrealized Ambition - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-063Common
$0.25Bulma, from the Sidelines - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-011Common
$0.50Buu Buu Volleyball SS3 Gotenks - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-039Common
$0.25Cheelai, Frieza Force Soldier - FoilDestroyer KingsSD8-05Starter Rare
$3.00Defending Father ParagusDestroyer KingsSD8-04Starter Rare
$3.00Defending Father Paragus - FoilDestroyer KingsSD8-04Starter Rare
$0.50Dependable Saiyan Trunks - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-086Common
$3.00Fearless Assault Krillin - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-089Common
$0.15Finishing Blow Son GohanDestroyer KingsBT6-082Super Rare
$4.00Finishing Blow Son Gohan (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-082_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.50Four-Star BallDestroyer KingsBT6-117Rare
$0.15Golden Frieza, Indomitable EmperorDestroyer KingsBT6-017Super Rare
$0.50Golden Frieza, Indomitable Emperor (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-017_SPRSpecial Rare
$5.00Goliamite, the New Breed - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-070Common
$3.00Is That All You've Got? - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-026Common
$0.50Loyal Kikono - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-021Common
$0.25Master Roshi, Strict Instructor - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-110Common
$1.00Merciless Strike Zangya - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-098Common
$0.50New Model Scouter - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-024Common
$0.15Paragus, Rampage TriggerDestroyer KingsBT6-064Super Rare
$3.00Paragus, Rampage Trigger (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-064_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.50Preemptive Strike SSG Vegeta - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-008Common
$0.15Prodigious Absorption Majin BuuDestroyer KingsBT6-042Super Rare
$1.00Prodigious Absorption Majin Buu (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-042_SPRSpecial Rare
$5.00Saiyan Duo Son Goku - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-031Common
$3.00Saiyan Duo Vegeta - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-034Common
$1.00Son Goku // Bonds of Friendship Son Goku - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-105Uncommon
$2.00Son Goku, Prepping for Fusion - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-005Common
$0.25Son Goku, the Adventure BeginsDestroyer KingsBT6-107Super Rare
$5.00Son Goku, the Adventure Begins (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-107_SPRSpecial Rare
$2.00Space Pirate Bujin - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-100Common
$0.25SSB Gogeta, Fusion OnslaughtDestroyer KingsBT6-014Super Rare
$9.00SSB Gogeta, Fusion Onslaught (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-014_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.15Super Shenron, Ultimate WishmasterDestroyer KingsBT6-115Super Rare
$0.25Super Shenron, Ultimate Wishmaster (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-115_SPRSpecial Rare
$3.00Support Attack Son Goten - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-006Common
$3.00Tragic Awakening - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-077Common
$0.15Ultimate Absorption Majin BuuDestroyer KingsBT6-041Super Rare
$0.50Ultimate Absorption Majin Buu (SPR)Destroyer KingsBT6-041_SPRSpecial Rare
$0.50Unadulterated Evil Majin Buu - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-044Common
$4.00Vegeta, Prepping for Fusion - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-009Common
$0.25Vegito, Powers Combined - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-036Common
$0.25Veku, Contents Under PressureDestroyer KingsBT6-012Rare
$3.00Zeiun, the Loyal - FoilDestroyer KingsBT6-068Common
$0.15At All Costs Vegeta (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlBT4-030Super Rare
$4.00Bardock, Father and SonDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-100Duo Power Rare
$0.50Botamo and Magetta - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-013Common
$0.15Broly, The Rampaging Horror (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlBT1-073Super Rare
$1.00Desperate Measures - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-040Common
$0.15Explosive Spirit Son Goku (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlBT3-088Super Rare
$0.50Fearless Pan (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlBT3-008Super Rare
$0.15Final Showdown Son Goku (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlTB3-035Super Rare
$0.15Frieza, Cry of the SovereignDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-076Super Rare
$0.15Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7 (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlTB1-077Super Rare
$4.00Frieza, Universe 7 UnitedDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-031Super Rare
$4.00Fu, Mission AccomplishedDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-085Rare
$27.00Fused Zamasu, Deity's WrathDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-057Super Rare
$3.00Galick CannonDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-020Super Rare
$1.00Ginyu, Ultimate TransformationDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-077Super Rare
$0.15God Break Son Goku (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlBT1-031Super Rare
$4.00Great Ape Bardock, Raider's WarcryDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-061Super Rare
$29.00Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan InstinctsDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-064Super Rare
$5.00Janemba, Infernal IntruderDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-038Super Rare
$0.50Jiren, Shackles of the PastDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-015Rare
$1.00Kefla, Roar of DestructionDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-012Super Rare
$0.15King Vegeta, Saiyan RulerDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-043Super Rare
$6.00Master Roshi, Universe 7 United - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-027Uncommon
$4.00Mira, Assault from the SkiesDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-084Rare
$0.25Niagara Drop - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-019Common
$1.00Pan, Natural Fighter - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-065Uncommon
$4.00Piccolo, Assimilated AbilityDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-048Super Rare
$0.50Remote Serious Bomb - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-086Uncommon
$0.25Shu, Deluge of Power - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-036Common
$0.50Son Gohan, Master and PupilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-098Duo Power Rare
$3.00Son Goku, Father and SonDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-101Duo Power Rare
$1.00Son Goten, Deluge of Power - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-042Common
$1.00SS Rose Goku Black, a Delicate PlanDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-056Rare
$0.50SS Son Goku, the Ever-AdaptingDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-022Rare
$15.00SS Vegeta, Exploiting WeaknessDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-002Super Rare
$16.00SS3 Tag Team Son GohanDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-102Duo Power Rare
$7.00SS3 Tag Team TrunksDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-103Duo Power Rare
$3.00Super 17, Power DistilledDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-055Super Rare
$1.00Toppo, Righteous AidDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-014Uncommon
$7.00Toppo, Righteous Aid - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-014Uncommon
$3.00Trunks, Deluge of Power - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-003Common
$3.00Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the UnstoppableDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-021Super Rare
$6.00Uneasy Alliance Son GokuDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-096Duo Power Rare
$0.15Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta (Shatterfoil) - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlTB1-004Super Rare
$0.15Vados, Assembled MightDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-008Super Rare
$0.50Vegeta, Saiyan Tag TeamDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-094Duo Power Rare
$0.15Whis, Keeper of Universe 7Draft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-032Super Rare
$0.50Zamasu, the Undying - FoilDraft Box 04 - Dragon BrawlDB1-058Uncommon
$0.50Android 17, Rebel ReinforcementsDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-005Rare
$2.00Android 17, Turning the TideDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-036Rare
$1.00Android 18, Neverending EnergyDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-037Rare
$0.15Anilaza, the Towering AtrocityDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-137Super Rare
$4.00Basil, Fatal RampageDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-111Super Rare
$2.00Beerus & Whis, Universe 7 Destroyer & AngelDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-174Destroyer & Angel Rare
$6.00Bergamo, Ferocious RoarDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-108Super Rare
$1.00Caulifla - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-101Common
$0.50Caway - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-014Common
$0.15Dirty BurstDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-062Super Rare
$3.00Dr. Rota, Unknown Potential - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-042Uncommon
$0.15Dyspo, Sonic SubversionDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-059Super Rare
$0.25Energetic Frenzy KeflaDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-039Rare
$0.25Flight of the Grand EagleDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-029Super Rare
$4.00Frieza, Double-Edged Sword - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-008Common
$5.00Frieza, Imperial InspirationDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-007Super Rare
$0.15Ganos, Bird of PreyDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-011Super Rare
$1.00Geene & Martinne, Universe 12 Destroyer & AngelDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-169Destroyer & Angel Rare
$0.25Giant BallDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-126Super Rare
$0.15Great Priest, Herald of DeliveranceDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-061Super Rare
$0.25Hasty Dispatch DyspoDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-092Rare
$5.00Hit, Deadly VanguardDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-040Super Rare
$3.00Jilcol, High Stakes Guardian - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-057Common
$0.15Jiren, Army of OneDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-123Super Rare
$3.00Kakunsa, Beastly MaidenDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-072Super Rare
$0.25Kakunsa, Maiden Might - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-073Common
$3.00Katopesla, Envoy of JusticeDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-146Rare
$0.25Katopesla, Righteous Fury - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-147Uncommon
$0.50Katopesla, Sonic Justice - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-148Uncommon
$3.00Katopesla, Universe 3 Policeman - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-149Common
$14.00Koitsukai, Mechanical CourageDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-143Super Rare
$5.00Liquiir & Korun, Universe 8 Destroyer & AngelDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-167Destroyer & Angel Rare
$3.00Mechiorp, Bobbing and Weaving - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-054Uncommon
$2.00Meditation - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-033Common
$0.25Murichim, Brave Bruiser - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-050Uncommon
$0.25Napapa - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-055Common
$6.00Narirama - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-150Common
$1.00Not Even a ScratchDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-160Rare
$22.00Obuni, Afterimage SlashDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-046Super Rare
$0.15Pretty Black HoleDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-093Super Rare
$9.00Protector of the PeopleDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-159Super Rare
$0.25Quitela & Conic, Universe 4 Destroyer & AngelDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-170Destroyer & Angel Rare
$0.25Ribrianne, Avatar of AffectionDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-068Super Rare
$17.00Ribrianne, Punishing PassionDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-069Super Rare
$0.25Secret Technique Paparoni - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-140Uncommon
$4.00Sleepy Boy Technique - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-165Uncommon
$5.00Son Goku, Strength of LegendsDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-131Super Rare
$8.00SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Concentrated DestructionDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-001Super Rare
$0.50Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Monumental PresenceDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-002Super Rare
$1.00Universe 4, Assemble! - FoilDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-031Uncommon
$0.25Universe 9, Assemble!Draft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-127Rare
$0.15Venomous Fist LavenderDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-113Super Rare
$0.15Zirloin, Maiden SupporterDraft Box 05 - Divine MultiverseDB2-078Super Rare
$0.15Angila, the Graceful WarriorDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-094Super Rare
$6.00Bardock, Great Ape AssaultDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-027Super Rare
$3.00Bardock, Legend's OriginDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-118Super Rare
$0.25Bergamo, Giant ForceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-144Giant Force Rare
$0.25Bio-Broly, Giant ForceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-140Giant Force Rare
$0.15Chilled, Greatest Pirate in the CosmosDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-044Super Rare
$10.00Demon God Demigra, True Power UnleashedDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-109Super Rare
$0.15Explosive Demon WaveDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-129Super Rare
$2.00Great Saiyaman 2, Budding HeroDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-065Super Rare
$2.00Hire-Dragon, a Kind FriendDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-088Super Rare
$0.25Hirudegarn, Giant ForceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-139Giant Force Rare
$3.00Hirudegarn, Phantasmic EvolutionDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-069Super Rare
$3.00Hirudegarn, the Reoccurring NightmareDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-124Super Rare
$0.15King Piccolo, the ExterminatorDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-121Super Rare
$4.00King Piccolo, the New RulerDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-015Super Rare
$0.25King Vegeta, Giant ForceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-138Giant Force Rare
$0.15King Vegeta, the DistrustfulDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-031Super Rare
$0.25Lord Slug, Giant ForceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-134Giant Force Rare
$0.50Lord Slug, Super NamekianDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-092Super Rare
$0.15Lord Slug, Youth RegainedDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-130Super Rare
$4.00Piccolo Jr., Eradicator of PeaceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-115Super Rare
$4.00Piccolo Jr., Giant ForceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-133Giant Force Rare
$0.50Raditz, Giant ForceDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-136Giant Force Rare
$0.50Riot JavelinDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-047Super Rare
$3.00Son Gohan, Hidden MightDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-055Super Rare
$0.50Son Goku, Nimbus MasterDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-003Super Rare
$0.25Son Goku, Off to Defeat King PiccoloDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-002Super Rare
$0.15SS3 Son Goku, Fist of FortitudeDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-052Super Rare
$0.15Super Namekian MightDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-102Super Rare
$0.15The Final BlowDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-024Super Rare
$2.00Towa, Dark Demon Realm ScientistDraft Box 06 - Giant ForceDB3-103Super Rare
$0.25SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion - FoilExpansion Deck Box Set 04 - Unity of SaiyansEX04-03Expansion Rare
$0.15Fu, Shrouded in MysteryExpansion Deck Box Set 07: Magnificent Collection - Gogeta VersionBT3-118Super Rare
$0.15Gogeta, Hero RevivedExpansion Deck Box Set 07: Magnificent Collection - Gogeta VersionBT5-038Super Rare
$0.25Combination Attack - FoilExpansion Deck Box Set 08: Magnificent Collection - Broly VersionEX08-05Expansion Rare
$0.15Explosive Spirit Son GokuExpansion Deck Box Set 08: Magnificent Collection - Broly VersionBT3-088Super Rare
$0.15Height of Mastery Son GokuExpansion Deck Box Set 08: Magnificent Collection - Broly VersionBT4-075Super Rare
$0.25Son Goten, Strong of Heart - FoilExpansion Deck Box Set 08: Magnificent Collection - Broly VersionEX08-01Expansion Rare
$3.00SS Broly, All-Out Assault - FoilExpansion Deck Box Set 08: Magnificent Collection - Broly VersionEX08-06Expansion Rare
$0.25Dr. Uiro, Cybernetic Rebirth - FoilExpansion Deck Box Set 10: -Namekian Surge-EX10-05Expansion Rare
$4.00Master Roshi, Kamehameha Origins - FoilExpansion Deck Box Set 10: -Namekian Surge-EX10-02Expansion Rare
$0.15Awakening Rage Son GokuGalactic BattleBT1-059Super Rare
$0.15Beerus, General of DemolitionGalactic BattleBT1-041Super Rare
$0.15Broly, The Rampaging HorrorGalactic BattleBT1-073Super Rare
$7.00Broly, The Rampaging Horror (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-073Special Rare
$0.50Crusher Ball - FoilGalactic BattleBT1-110Common
$0.15Destructive Terror ChampaGalactic BattleBT1-004Super Rare
$0.15Elite Force Captain GinyuGalactic BattleBT1-095Super Rare
$0.15God Break Son GokuGalactic BattleBT1-031Super Rare
$15.00God Break Son Goku (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-031Special Rare
$0.15Golden Frieza, Resurrected TerrorGalactic BattleBT1-086Super Rare
$6.00Golden Frieza, Resurrected Terror (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-086Special Rare
$3.00Kind Saiyan Son Goku - FoilGalactic BattleBT1-033Common
$0.15Lightning-fast HitGalactic BattleBT1-011Super Rare
$8.00Lightning-fast Hit (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-011Special Rare
$3.00Afterimage TechniqueJudge Promotion CardsBT5-023Promo
$5.00Afterimage Technique (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-023Promo
$3.00Android 17, Protector of Wildlife (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT8-120Promo
$0.50Assembling the Squad (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT7-107Promo
$2.00Awakened Warrior Bardock (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT3-110Promo
$1.00Awe-Inspiring Intimidator SSB VegitoJudge Promotion CardsEX03-08Promo
$4.00Awe-Inspiring Intimidator SSB Vegito (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsEX03-08Promo
$0.25Bad Ring Laser (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT1-108Promo
$2.00Bardock, the Progenitor (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT4-073Promo
$3.00Bardock, Will of IronJudge Promotion CardsP-035Promo
$22.00Beerus, Fickle God (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT7-120Promo
$1.00Beerus, Godly Majesty (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT8-053Promo
$3.00Broly, Dawn of the Rampage (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT1-076Promo
$16.00Broly, Demonic Origins (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT7-117Promo
$4.00Champa the Trickster (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT7-078Promo
$3.00Crusher Ball (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT1-110Promo
$3.00Dende, New to the Job (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-109Promo
$4.00Determined Super Saiyan Son GohanJudge Promotion CardsP-016Promo
$15.00Dimension MagicJudge Promotion CardsBT5-050Promo
$25.00Dimension Magic (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-050Promo
$0.50Dimension Support Trunks (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT4-102Promo
$7.00Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT2-010Promo
$0.50Everybody's Pal Yamcha (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsP-077Promo
$8.00Fearless PanJudge Promotion CardsBT3-008Promo
$16.00Four-Star BallJudge Promotion CardsBT6-117Promo
$23.00Four-Star Ball (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT6-117Promo
$4.00Furthering Destruction ChampaJudge Promotion CardsBT1-005Promo
$7.00Furthering Destruction Champa (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT1-005Promo
$0.50Gogeta, Hero RevivedJudge Promotion CardsBT5-038Promo
$6.00Gogeta, Hero Revived (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-038Promo
$0.25Infernal Villainy CellJudge Promotion CardsBT5-073Promo
$3.00Infernal Villainy Cell (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-073Promo
$3.00Is That All You've Got?Judge Promotion CardsBT6-026Promo
$7.00Is That All You've Got? (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT6-026Promo
$4.00Joyful Strike Goku Black RoseJudge Promotion CardsP-015Promo
$0.50Kaio-Ken Son GokuJudge Promotion CardsP-032Promo
$3.00Mecha Frieza, Energy Blight (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT9-102Promo
$0.25Occupation of Evil FriezaJudge Promotion CardsP-018Promo
$3.00Piccolo, Assimilated AbilityJudge Promotion CardsDB1-048Promo
$8.00Power BurstJudge Promotion CardsBT5-115Promo
$18.00Power Burst (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-115Promo
$4.00Preemptive Strike (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsTB3-048Promo
$5.00Shocking Death BallJudge Promotion CardsBT5-075Promo
$6.00Shocking Death Ball (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-075Promo
$7.00Son Goku, the Adventure BeginsJudge Promotion CardsBT6-107Promo
$8.00Son Goku, the Adventure Begins (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT6-107Promo
$6.00SSB Gogeta, Resonant ExplosionJudge Promotion CardsEX04-03Promo
$16.00Super Baby 1, Parasitic MenaceJudge Promotion CardsP-112Promo
$22.00Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsP-112Promo
$0.50Super Saiyan 3 Son GokuJudge Promotion CardsP-003Promo
$5.00Surprise Attack FriezaJudge Promotion CardsP-090Promo
$9.00Surprise Attack Frieza (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsP-090Promo
$0.25Terrible Creator Android 20 (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT2-093Promo
$6.00Time MagicJudge Promotion CardsBT5-101Promo
$9.00Time Magic (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT5-101Promo
$0.25Towa, Dimension Leaper (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT7-106Promo
$2.00Transcendent Strike (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT6-025Promo
$1.00Undying Spirit Son Gohan (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT7-029Promo
$1.00Unyielding Spirit Trunks (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT2-044Promo
$3.00Vados's AssistanceJudge Promotion CardsBT1-025Promo
$5.00Vados's Assistance (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT1-025Promo
$8.00Whis's Coercion (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT1-055Promo
$2.00Zen-Oh Button (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT2-067Promo
$1.00Zen-Oh, The Plain God (Level 2)Judge Promotion CardsBT2-060Promo
$1.00Absolute Release Ball (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-043Special Rare
$1.00Android 16, Energy AmplificationMalicious MachinationsBT8-121Super Rare
$4.00Android 16, Energy Amplification (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-121Special Rare
$0.15Android 18, Speedy SubstitutionMalicious MachinationsBT8-033Super Rare
$3.00Android 18, Speedy Substitution (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-033Special Rare
$3.00Android 21 // Android 21, Malevolence Unbound - FoilMalicious MachinationsBT8-024Uncommon
$0.15Android 21, Violent PredatorMalicious MachinationsBT8-122Super Rare
$3.00Android 21, Violent Predator (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-122Special Rare
$25.00Baby Janemba, Corrupt CoalescenceMalicious MachinationsBT8-135Secret Rare
$0.25Beerus Ball (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-022Special Rare
$0.25Beerus, No Holds BarredMalicious MachinationsBT8-112Super Rare
$0.25Bulma // Bulma, Familial Bonds - FoilMalicious MachinationsBT8-001Common
$0.15Bulma, Unyielding CourageMalicious MachinationsBT8-012Super Rare
$0.25Dr.Myuu, the Mastermind - FoilMalicious MachinationsBT8-016Uncommon
$0.15Dr.Uiro, Destruction BeamMalicious MachinationsBT8-039Super Rare
$25.00Dragon Balls, Negative Energy OverflowMalicious MachinationsBT8-137Secret Rare
$0.25Focused Breakthrough (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-065Special Rare
$0.15Frenzied Warrior PiccoloMalicious MachinationsBT8-050Super Rare
$0.15Gigantic Bomber Dr.UiroMalicious MachinationsBT8-123Super Rare
$0.15Hatchhyack, Fueled by HatredMalicious MachinationsBT8-090Super Rare
$0.25Hatchhyack, Fueled by Hatred (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-090Special Rare
$0.15Hit, Rapid MovementMalicious MachinationsBT8-108Super Rare
$0.15Pan, Great Ape WhispererMalicious MachinationsBT8-070Super Rare
$0.15Raditz, Arrival of the InvaderMalicious MachinationsBT8-105Super Rare
$0.15Son Gohan & Piccolo, Pupil and MasterMalicious MachinationsBT8-119Super Rare
$0.15Son Goku, Dawn of DivinityMalicious MachinationsBT8-109Super Rare
$1.00Son Goku, Dawn of Divinity (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-109Special Rare
$0.50SS3 Son Goku, the Last StrawMalicious MachinationsSD10-02Starter Rare
$0.25SS3 Son Goku, the Last Straw - FoilMalicious MachinationsSD10-02Starter Rare
$0.50SS4 Son Goku, a Heartfelt PleaMalicious MachinationsBT8-110Super Rare
$6.00SS4 Son Goku, a Heartfelt Plea (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-110Special Rare
$50.00SS4 Vegeta, Peak of Primitive PowerMalicious MachinationsBT8-136Secret Rare
$0.25Super Baby 1, All-Consuming Terror - FoilMalicious MachinationsBT8-116Uncommon
$0.15Super Baby 2, Malicious MajestyMalicious MachinationsBT8-115Super Rare
$0.35Super Galick Gun (SPR)Malicious MachinationsBT8-088Special Rare
$0.25Super Kamehameha - FoilMalicious MachinationsBT8-104Common
$0.25Afterimage Technique - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-023Common
$0.15Black Masked Saiyan, the DevastatorMiraculous RevivalBT5-111Super Rare
$0.35Black Masked Saiyan, the Devastator (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-111Special Rare
$5.00Dimension Magic - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-050Common
$0.15Frieza, Back from HellMiraculous RevivalBT5-091Super Rare
$0.35Frieza, Back from Hell (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-091Special Rare
$0.15Ghost Rampage SS GotenksMiraculous RevivalBT5-040Super Rare
$0.25Ghost Rampage SS Gotenks (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-040Special Rare
$0.15Gogeta, Hero RevivedMiraculous RevivalBT5-038Super Rare
$1.00Gogeta, Hero Revived (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-038Special Rare
$0.25Great Saiyaman, Town Hero - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-032Common
$0.15Infernal Chain JanembaMiraculous RevivalBT5-047Super Rare
$1.00Infernal Chain Janemba (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-047Special Rare
$0.25Infernal Emperor Frieza - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-072Common
$0.15King Piccolo, Terror UnleashedMiraculous RevivalBT5-022Super Rare
$0.35King Piccolo, Terror Unleashed (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-022Special Rare
$10.00Miraculous Fighter SS3 GogetaMiraculous RevivalBT5-120Secret Rare
$0.25Personal Ambition - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-103Common
$6.00Power Burst - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-115Common
$0.15Shenron, the WishgranterMiraculous RevivalBT5-110Super Rare
$0.25Shenron, the Wishgranter (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-110Special Rare
$5.00Shocking Death Ball - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-075Common
$3.00Son Goku - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-004Common
$0.15SSB Vegeta, Testing His LimitsMiraculous RevivalBT5-083Super Rare
$0.25SSB Vegeta, Testing His Limits (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-083Special Rare
$0.15Super 17, Cell AbsorbedMiraculous RevivalBT5-067Super Rare
$0.50Super 17, Cell Absorbed (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-067Special Rare
$3.00Temporal Rescue Trunks - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-114Common
$0.50Time Magic - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-101Common
$0.15Twin Onslaught SS4 Son GokuMiraculous RevivalBT5-055Super Rare
$0.35Twin Onslaught SS4 Son Goku (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-055Special Rare
$0.50West Kai, Keeping Watch - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-043Common
$0.25Yamcha - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-010Common
$0.15Yamcha, at 100-PercentMiraculous RevivalBT5-009Super Rare
$3.00Yamcha, at 100-Percent (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-009Special Rare
$0.25Demigra // Ghastly Malice DemigraOversized CardsBT4-098Rare
$1.00A Kind Wish (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-075_PRCommon
$1.00All Too Easy... (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-048_PRPromo
$7.00Android 17, Protector of Wildlife (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-120_PRRare
$0.50Android 18 // Dependable Sister Android 18 (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-023_PRCommon
$1.00Android 18, Bionic Blitz (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-099Common
$9.00Android 21 // Android 21, Malevolence Unbound (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-024_PRUncommon
$4.00Android 21, a Brilliant Idea (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-055_PRRare
$3.00Android 21, the Ringleader (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-034_PRUncommon
$3.00Android 21's Scheme (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-041_PRCommon
$0.25Anilaza, the Soaring Colossus (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-123Rare
$0.25Assembling the Squad (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-107_PRPromo
$1.00Babidi, Unrepentant Sorcerer (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-075Uncommon
$0.25Baby Vegeta, an Unfair Choice (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-082_PRRare
$5.00Baby, Evil Origins (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-084_PRUncommon
$0.50Baby, Vengeful Blow (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-017_PRUncommon
$2.00Bardock the Resolute (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-127Uncommon
$3.00Beerus // Beerus, Furious Strike (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-002_PRUncommon
$2.00Beerus, Biding His Time (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-014_PRRare
$5.00Beerus, Divine Obliterator (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-107Common
$2.00Beerus, Godly Majesty (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-053_PRRare
$3.00Belmod, Double Devastation (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-050Uncommon
$3.00Bibidi // Majin Buu, One with Nothingness (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-070Common
$3.00Bibidi, Primeval Conjurer (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-076Common
$1.00Binary Blade Kahseral (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-061Uncommon
$0.25Birthday Party (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-020_PRCommon
$3.00Blutz Wave Generator (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-087_PRCommon
$2.00Bonds of Friendship Android 8 (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-114_PRCommon
$3.00Botamo, Defender of Universe 6 (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-088_PRPromo
$3.00Broly // Broly, Recurring Nightmare (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-002_PRPromo
$2.00Broly // Broly, the Awakened Demon (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-002Uncommon
$4.00Broly, Bonafide Saiyan (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-017Uncommon
$8.00Broly, Demonic Origins (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-117_PRPromo
$1.00Broly, Power of the Great Ape (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-016Rare
$0.50Broly, Saiyan Youth (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-018Uncommon
$0.25Broly, Savage Rush (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-147Uncommon
$4.00Broly, Unrealized Ambition (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-063_PRCommon
$2.00Bulma // Bulma, Familial Bonds (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-001_PRCommon
$0.50Bulma, Brainwashed (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-076_PRCommon
$1.00Bulma, from the Sidelines (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-011_PRCommon
$2.00Bulma, Out Adventuring (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-012Uncommon
$7.00Bulma, the Problem Solver (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-047_PRUncommon
$2.00Burning Impact (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-142Rare
$3.00Buu Buu Volleyball SS3 Gotenks (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-039_PRCommon
$6.00Caulifla & Kale // Kefla, Soul Overflowing (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-075_PRPromo
$1.00Caulifla, the Bold Sister (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-085_PRPromo
$3.00Cell // Cell, Perfection Surpassed (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-112Uncommon
$0.50Cell, Devourer of the Masses (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-114Uncommon
$5.00Champa the Trickster (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-078_PRPromo
$4.00Chi-Chi, Motherly Majesty (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-011_PRRare
$1.00Cooler // Cooler, Revenge Transformed (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-002Uncommon
$0.25Counterblast Son Gohan (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-100Uncommon
$5.00Dark Broly & Paragus // Dark Broly & Paragus, the Corrupted (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-122Uncommon
$4.00Dark Broly, Demon Realm Ravager (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-133Rare
$0.25Dark Broly, the New Masked Saiyan (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-135Uncommon
$3.00Demigra, Unison of Sorcery (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-064Uncommon
$3.00Denial of Hope (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-023_PRPromo
$0.25Dodoria, Brimming with Power (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-082Rare
$3.00Dormant Legend (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-022_PRPromo
$6.00Dr.Lychee & Hatchhyack // Hatchhyack, Malice Assimilated (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-089_PRUncommon
$4.00Dr.Uiro & Dr.Kochin // Dr.Uiro, the Evil Scientist (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-045_PRUncommon
$0.50Dr.Uiro's Lab (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-040_PRCommon
$3.00Emperor's Death Beam (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-109Rare
$7.00Fearless Assault Krillin (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-089_PRCommon
$0.25Focused Breakthrough (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-065_PRUncommon
$0.25For the Greater Good (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-073_PRPromo
$2.00Fused Zamasu, the Cunning (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-124_PRPromo
$0.25Ghost Warriors (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-098_PRCommon
$0.25God-Slicing Black Kamehameha (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-057Rare
$5.00Godstrike Beerus (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-057_PRCommon
$3.00Gogeta, Fusion of the Gods (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-013Rare
$6.00Goku Black & Zamasu // Fused Zamasu, Supreme Strike (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-026_PRPromo
$1.00Goku Black, Future Decimator (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-051Rare
$0.25Goku Black, the Replicator (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-042_PRPromo
$9.00Goliamite, the New Breed (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-070_PRCommon
$1.00Gotenks, the Power of Fusion (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-112Rare
$0.25Great Ape Baby, the Ultimate Evil Lifeform (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-114_PRRare
$0.25Great Saiyaman, Vanquisher of Villainy (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-065Rare
$0.25Haze Shenron, Venomous Mist (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-117Rare
$0.25Hell Fighter 17, the Neutralizer (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-059Uncommon
$2.00Hidden Ambition Zamasu (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-093_PRPromo
$0.25Hidden Power of the Saiyans (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-072_PRPromo
$3.00Hit // Time-Skip Hit (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-074_PRPromo
$2.00Intensive Training Son Goku (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-066Rare
$3.00Is That All You've Got? (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-026_PRCommon
$3.00Jiren // Full-Power Jiren, the Unstoppable (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-053Common
$1.00Jiren, Righteous Leader (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-060Uncommon
$3.00Krillin, Moments Before Comeback (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-097Rare
$3.00Lord Slug, Ghost Warrior (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-096_PRUncommon
$3.00Loyal Kikono (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-021_PRCommon
$4.00Machspeed Kaio-Ken Son Goku (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-005_PRPromo
$1.00Mai, Filled with Energy (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-034_PRPromo
$2.00Majin Buu, Steadfast Absorption (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-080Uncommon
$0.25Majin Buu, Unparalleled Absorption (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-078Common
$5.00Majin Buu, Wickedness Incarnate (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-126Rare
$1.00Maleficent Technique Frieza (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-035_PRCommon
$1.00Maleficent Technique Ginyu (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-037_PRCommon
$1.00Mass Replication (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-046_PRPromo
$7.00Master Roshi, Strict Instructor (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-110_PRCommon
$3.00Mecha Frieza, Energy Blight (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-102Rare
$2.00Merciless Strike Zangya (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-098_PRCommon
$0.25Nappa, Demolition Man (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-090Common
$0.25Natade Village Monster (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-018_PRPromo
$0.25Pilaf Machine, Ostrich Form (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-026Rare
$3.00Preemptive Strike SSG Vegeta (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-008_PRCommon
$0.25Putine, the Dark Sorcerer (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-139Uncommon
$0.25Quick Sweep Android 17 (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-045Common
$1.00Raditz // Raditz, Brotherly Hate (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-049_PRPromo
$3.00Raditz, Saiyan Youth (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-005Rare
$0.50Saibaimen, Endless Explosions (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-068_PRPromo
$0.50Saiyan Bloodline Son Goku (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-028_PRPromo
$5.00Saiyan Duo Son Goku (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-031_PRCommon
$3.00Saiyan Duo Vegeta (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-034_PRCommon
$3.00Secret Identity Masked Saiyan (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-140Rare
$0.25Son Gohan & Hire-Dragon, Flying High (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-095Uncommon
$5.00Son Gohan // Son Gohan & Hire-Dragon, Boundless Friendship (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-091Uncommon
$5.00Son Gohan // Son Gohan & Son Goten, Brotherly Bonds (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-001_PRPromo
$0.25Son Gohan, Baby's Minion (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-035Rare
$0.25Son Gohan, Potential Unlocked (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-067Uncommon
$3.00Son Goku & Hit, Supreme Alliance (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-145Rare
$3.00Son Goku & Pan // SS4 Son Goku, Senses RegainedPrerelease PromosBT8-066_PRCommon
$1.00Son Goku & Vegeta // SSB Vegito, Energy Eruption (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-025_PRPromo
$0.50Son Goku // Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Turning the TidePrerelease PromosBT8-044_PRCommon
$7.00Son Goku // Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Limits Surpassed (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-100Uncommon
$1.00Son Goku, Absolute Annihilation (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-097Rare
$3.00Son Goku, Adventure into the Unknown (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-099Uncommon
$5.00Son Goku, Making an Entrance (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-100_PRPromo
$5.00Son Goku, Prepping for Fusion (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-005_PRCommon
$0.25Son Goku, Spirit of the Planet (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-118_PRRare
$1.00Son Goku, the Path to Godhood (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-068_PRUncommon
$0.25Son Goku, the Rescuer (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-026_PRRare
$0.50Space Pirate Bujin (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-100_PRCommon
$1.00SS Bardock, the Tenacious (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-132Rare
$0.50SS Broly, Combat Evolution (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-015Rare
$1.00SS Broly, Legend Unleashed (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-069_PRPromo
$0.25SS Broly, Legendary Unison (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-094Uncommon
$4.00SS Rose Goku Black, Inviting the Darkness (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-043_PRPromo
$1.00SS Vegeta, Exploding with Energy (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-056_PRCommon
$3.00SS Vegeta, the Prince Strikes Back (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-130Rare
$3.00SS3 Goku, One Hit Wonder (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-003_PRRare
$1.00SS3 Son Goku, Man on a Mission (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-127Rare
$0.25SS4 Son Goku, Energy Annihilator (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-049Rare
$0.25SSB Son Goku, the Sweeper (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-027_PRPromo
$0.25SSB Vegito, Paralyzing Prowess (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-045Rare
$3.00Super Baby 1 // Super Baby 2, Awakened MalevolencePrerelease PromosBT8-067_PRUncommon
$1.00Super Baby 1, All-Consuming Terror (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-116_PRUncommon
$1.00Super Kamehameha (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-104_PRCommon
$2.00Super Saiyan Trunks (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-102_PRPromo
$0.25Supreme Kai of Time, Time Regulator (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-104_PRPromo
$3.00Supreme Technique Son Goku (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-117_PRUncommon
$0.50Syn Shenron // Syn Shenron, Negative Energy Overflow (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-093Uncommon
$4.00Syn Shenron, Destruction Incarnate (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-115Rare
$1.00Syn Shenron, Shadow Dragon Leader (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-116Uncommon
$0.25The Final Guardian (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-024_PRPromo
$4.00Tien Shinhan, Returning Fire (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-111_PRCommon
$1.00Ties that Bind Ba (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-069_PRCommon
$0.25Tokitoki City (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-109_PRPromo
$4.00Tournament of Power Arena (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-037Uncommon
$2.00Towa, Dimension Leaper (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-106_PRPromo
$1.00Towa, Union of Magic and Science (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-139Uncommon
$2.00Tragic Awakening (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-077_PRCommon
$0.25Transcendent Strike (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-025_PRCommon
$1.00Trunks, Saiyan Majesty (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-075_PRRare
$0.25Turles, Ghost Warrior (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-097_PRUncommon
$3.00Tyranny's Cost (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-108Common
$1.00Unadulterated Evil Majin Buu (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-044_PRCommon
$2.00Vados (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-038_PRPromo
$0.50Vegeks, Spacetime Synthesis (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-132Rare
$3.00Vegeta // SS4 Vegeta, Ultimate Evolution (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-032Uncommon
$3.00Vegeta, Disciplined Warrior (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-054Rare
$0.25Vegeta, Energy Salvo (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-107_PRRare
$3.00Vegeta, Making an Entrance (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-101_PRPromo
$3.00Vegeta, Prepping for Fusion (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-009_PRCommon
$0.25Vegeta, Ready to Rumble (Vermilion Bloodline)Prerelease PromosBT11-053Rare
$1.00Vegito, Powers Combined (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-036_PRCommon
$0.25We Are Universe 7 (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-018Uncommon
$0.25Whis, the Regulator (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-035_PRPromo
$6.00Whis, the Spectator (Malicious Machinations)Prerelease PromosBT8-113_PRRare
$0.25Wrathful Charge (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-078_PRCommon
$0.50Yamcha // Yamcha, Supersonic Striker (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-001Uncommon
$1.00Yamcha, the Desert Hyena (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-009Rare
$3.00Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief (Universal Onslaught)Prerelease PromosBT9-091Common
$1.00Zamasu, the Mastermind (Assault of the Saiyans)Prerelease PromosBT7-094_PRPromo
$4.00Zeiun, the Loyal (Destroyer Kings)Prerelease PromosBT6-068_PRCommon
$1.00Zen-Oh, Edge of Space (Rise of the Unison Warrior)Prerelease PromosBT10-055Uncommon
$4.00Android 18, Perfection's PreyPromotion CardsP-210Promo
$4.00Android 21, Scholarly GambitPromotion CardsP-202Promo
$0.25Baby, Saiyan Power AbsorbedPromotion CardsP-252Promo
$5.00Bardock, Surge of InspirationPromotion CardsP-204Promo
$1.00Botamo and Magetta (Dragon Brawl Draft Tournament Gold Stamped)Promotion CardsDB1-013Common
$3.00Botamo and Magetta (Dragon Brawl Draft Tournament Gold Stamped) - FoilPromotion CardsDB1-013Common
$1.00Brace for ImpactPromotion CardsP-186Promo
$2.00Broly // Broly, Surge of BrutalityPromotion CardsP-181Promo
$34.00Broly, Astonishing PotentialPromotion CardsP-248Promo
$0.25Broly, Explosive WrathPromotion CardsP-106Promo
$6.00Broly, Swift ExecutionerPromotion CardsP-205Promo
$1.00Bubbles (Dragon Brawl Draft Tournament Gold Stamped) - FoilPromotion CardsDB1-035Common
$1.00Bursting Energy Super Saiyan Vegito (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-014Promo
$0.25Bursting Energy Super Saiyan Vegito (Non-Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-014Promo
$1.00Caulifla, Spunky AllurePromotion CardsP-180Promo
$3.00Cell // Ultimate Lifeform Cell (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsBT2-068Promo
$4.00Clone TokenPromotion CardsNULLPromo
$3.00Cooler, Clan AvengerPromotion CardsP-209Promo
$0.25Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan (Event Pack 3 - 2019)Promotion CardsBT5-112_PRPromo
$7.00Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT5-112_PRPromo
$1.00Dimensional Banisher Fu (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT4-118_PRPromo
$1.00Dragon Ball (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT5-117_PRPromo
$3.00Frieza // Golden Frieza, The Final Assailant (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsTB1-073Promo
$7.00Frieza, Mutable MenacePromotion CardsP-201Promo
$1.00Frieza's Call (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT1-109_PRPromo
$0.50Ginyu, Captain of the ElitePromotion CardsP-222Promo
$0.25Ginyu, The Reliable Captain (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-019Promo
$2.00Gogeta // Knockout Strike Gogeta (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsSD6-01Promo
$1.00Goku Black, Unforeseen DarknessPromotion CardsP-124Promo
$3.00Gotenks, Greatest Fusion of Them All - FoilPromotion CardsP-254Promo
$3.00Haru Haru, Attacker Majin (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT3-120_PRPromo
$3.00Hatchhyack, Hatred EverlastingPromotion CardsP-175Promo
$0.25Hercule, World Tournament King (Power Booster) - FoilPromotion CardsP-161Promo
$0.25Hirudegarn, Premonition of Evil (Power Booster)Promotion CardsP-113Promo
$3.00Hirudegarn, Premonition of Evil (Power Booster) - FoilPromotion CardsP-113Promo
$0.25Instinctive Reprisal - FoilPromotion CardsP-194Promo
$1.00Intensifying Power Trunks (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT4-012_PRPromo
$0.50Kefla // Kefla, Surge of FerocityPromotion CardsP-184Promo
$0.25Kefla, Everlasting LightPromotion CardsP-185Promo
$0.50Mafuba (Alternate Art)Promotion CardsBT2-064Promo
$3.00Meta-Cooler, Terrifying HordePromotion CardsP-238Promo
$0.25Mr. Buu, the Mischievous (Power Booster) - FoilPromotion CardsP-151Promo
$1.00Newfound Power Son Gohan (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT4-048_PRPromo
$0.25Objection (OTAKON 2019) - FoilPromotion CardsBT1-052_PRPromo
$0.50One-Hit Destruction VegetaPromotion CardsP-001Promo
$0.25Oracle Fish (Dragon Brawl Draft Tournament Gold Stamped)Promotion CardsDB1-070Common
$1.00Oracle Fish (Dragon Brawl Draft Tournament Gold Stamped) - FoilPromotion CardsDB1-070Common
$8.00Pan // Pan, Ready to Fight (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsBT3-001Promo
$0.50Paternal Bonds (Dragon Brawl Draft Tournament Gold Stamped) - FoilPromotion CardsDB1-080Common
$1.00Piccolo Jr., Arena Wrecker (Power Booster: World Martial Arts Tournament) - FoilPromotion CardsP-152Promo
$9.00Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Evil AwakenedPromotion CardsP-257Promo
$6.00Revenge Big Bang AttackPromotion CardsP-253Promo
$4.00Son Gohan & Hire-Dragon, Best BuddiesPromotion CardsP-258Promo
$0.50Son Gohan // SS4 Son Gohan, Awakened Ability (Full Art)Promotion CardsP-243Promo
$0.25Son Gohan, the AvengerPromotion CardsP-138Promo
$0.50Son Goku and Vegeta // SSB Gogeta, Fusion Perfected (Dragon Ball World Adventure Stamped)Promotion CardsBT6-001Uncommon
$3.00Son Goku, Godly AuraPromotion CardsP-246Promo
$0.50Son Goku, Instincts SurpassedPromotion CardsP-198Promo
$3.00Son Goku, Path to Greatness (Power Booster) - FoilPromotion CardsP-115Promo
$3.00Son Goku, Power of the Golden Great ApePromotion CardsP-250Promo
$1.00Son Goten, Deluge of Power (Dragon Brawl Draft Tournament Gold Stamped)Promotion CardsDB1-042Common
$9.00SS Broly, Unforeseen Force (Expansion 4/5 Sealed Tournament) - FoilPromotion CardsP-125Promo
$4.00SS Rose Goku Black, Divine ProsperityPromotion CardsP-206Promo
$0.50SS Rose Goku Black, Unison of ExterminationPromotion CardsP-212Promo
$0.50SS Rose Goku Black, Unison of Extermination (Gold Stamped)Promotion CardsP-212Promo
$0.50SS Vegeks, Mastery MergedPromotion CardsP-230Promo
$3.00SS Vegeks, Mastery Merged (Alternate Art)Promotion CardsP-230Promo
$20.00SS2 Trunks, Heroic ProspectPromotion CardsP-219Promo
$21.00SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect (Alternate Art)Promotion CardsP-219Promo
$3.00SS3 Gogeta, Super Warrior EvolutionPromotion CardsP-234Promo
$3.00SS3 Gohan, Masters SurpassedPromotion CardsP-241Promo
$0.50SSB Gogeta, Frenzied BurstPromotion CardsP-104Promo
$3.00Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace (Power Booster)Promotion CardsP-112Promo
$4.00Super Baby 1, Parasitic Menace (Power Booster) - FoilPromotion CardsP-112Promo
$3.00Super Saiyan God Son Goku // SSGSS Son Goku, Soul Striker RebornPromotion CardsP-211Promo
$4.00Super Saiyan God Son Goku // SSGSS Son Goku, Soul Striker Reborn (Gold Stamped)Promotion CardsP-211Promo
$3.00Super Saiyan Gogeta // SSB Gogeta, Fusion Transcendent - FoilPromotion CardsP-117Promo
$0.25Supreme Kai of Time, World's Protector (Event Pack 05)Promotion CardsBT3-113Promo
$8.00Syn Shenron, Negative Energy Incarnate (Gold Stamped)Promotion CardsP-232Promo
$3.00The Masked Saiyan // Bardock, Unbound by Darkness (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsSD3-01Promo
$1.00Vegeta Jr., Heroic Successor (Power Booster) - FoilPromotion CardsP-148Promo
$6.00Vegeta, Godly AuraPromotion CardsP-247Promo
$6.00Vegeta, Reluctant Reinforcements (Power Booster)Promotion CardsP-123Promo
$6.00Vegeta, Reluctant Reinforcements (Power Booster) - FoilPromotion CardsP-123Promo
$0.25Vegeta, Time RegulatorPromotion CardsP-142Promo
$4.00Yamcha the LawlessPromotion CardsP-215Promo
$10.00Zarbon, Cosmic ElitePromotion CardsP-223Promo
$3.00Miraculous Fighter SS3 GogetaRevision Pack 2020BT5-120Secret Rare
$5.00SS3 Gotenks, Blazing FusionRevision Pack 2020BT10-153Secret Rare
$0.15SS4 Son Goku, a Heartfelt PleaRevision Pack 2020BT8-110Super Rare
$0.15Triple Flash SS4 Son GokuRevision Pack 2020BT4-003Super Rare
$0.50Bulma the Bunny GirlRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-011Super Rare
$0.15Cell, the Dark ParasiteRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-150Super Rare
$0.25Demigra, Unison of Sorcery - FoilRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-064Uncommon
$14.00Dormant Potential UnleashedRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-088Super Rare
$0.15Final Hope SlashRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-056Super Rare
$5.00Frieza, Charismatic VillainRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-075Super Rare
$5.00Frieza, Charismatic Villain (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-075Special Rare
$0.25Golden Frieza, Unison of MaliceRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-063Super Rare
$0.15Gotenks, Going All-OutRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-110Super Rare
$0.25Gotenks, Going All-Out (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-110Special Rare
$28.00Great Ape Masked Saiyan, Primal CarnageRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-152Secret Rare
$0.50Majin Buu, Wickedness Incarnate - FoilRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-126Rare
$3.00Mechikabura, Plotting RevivalRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-096Super Rare
$3.00Mechikabura, the Broken SealRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-141Super Rare
$3.00Released from EvilRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-123Super Rare
$1.00Secret Identity Masked Saiyan - FoilRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-140Rare
$0.15Shenron, Unison of RescueRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-125Super Rare
$0.25Son Goku & Hit, Supreme Alliance - FoilRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-145Rare
$0.15Son Goku, Rival SeekerRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-148Super Rare
$0.15SS Bardock, Paternal UnisonRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-062Super Rare
$0.35SS Bardock, Paternal Unison (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-062Special Rare
$0.15SS Gogeta, Dynamic UnisonRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-095Super Rare
$0.25SS Gogeta, Dynamic Unison (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-095Special Rare
$0.15SS Gotenks, Absolute UnisonRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-033Super Rare
$4.00SS Trunks, God-Sealing TechniqueRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-044Super Rare
$4.00SS Trunks, God-Sealing Technique (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-044Special Rare
$14.00SS3 Gotenks, Blazing FusionRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-153Secret Rare
$44.00SS4 Gogeta, Peerless FusionRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-154Secret Rare
$0.15Syn Shenron, Unison of CalamityRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-004Super Rare
$0.35Syn Shenron, Unison of Calamity (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-004Special Rare
$0.15Towa, Twisted SisterRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-136Super Rare
$1.00Vegeta, Prideful TransformationRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-105Super Rare
$3.00Vegeta, Prideful Transformation (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-105Special Rare
$0.25Vegeta, Savior of the Future - FoilRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-041Common
$0.15Vegito, Unison of MightRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-003Super Rare
$0.35Vegito, Unison of Might (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-003Special Rare
$6.00Wolf Fang FistRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-030Super Rare
$1.00Yamcha, Merciless BarrageRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-008Super Rare
$3.00Yamcha, Merciless Barrage (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-008Special Rare
$0.50Zen-Oh, Cosmic UnisonRise of the Unison WarriorBT10-035Super Rare
$1.00Zen-Oh, Cosmic Unison (SPR)Rise of the Unison WarriorBT10-035Special Rare
$1.00A Crack in Spacetime - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-36Expansion Rare
$0.50Bardock, Awakened InstinctsSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-30Expansion Rare
$3.00Bardock, Awakened Instincts - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-30Expansion Rare
$2.00Crisis Crusher Son Goku (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetP-074Promo
$0.25Flying Nimbus (Alternate Art)Special Anniversary SetBT3-104Common
$5.00Flying Nimbus (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetBT3-104Common
$0.15Foreseeing Hit (Alternate Art)Special Anniversary SetTB1-008Super Rare
$0.15Foreseeing Hit (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetTB1-008Super Rare
$0.25Master Roshi, Forged of Will (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetTB1-076Uncommon
$3.00Saiyan Cabba (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetBT1-014Common
$0.25Senzu Bean (Alternate Art)Special Anniversary SetBT1-053Common
$16.00Senzu Bean (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetBT1-053Common
$1.00Son Goku, Path to the Infinite - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-08Expansion Rare
$0.25Swift Retaliation Cooler - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-27Expansion Rare
$3.00Towa // Towa, ChaosbringerSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-29Expansion Rare
$4.00Towa // Towa, Chaosbringer - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-29Expansion Rare
$0.50Vegeta, Energy Absorber - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-09Expansion Rare
$1.00Vegito, Polymorphic Potara - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetEX06-02Expansion Rare
$1.00Whis's Coercion (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary SetBT1-055Common
$0.25Gokule, the Legendary Fusion Warrior - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020EX13-14Expansion Rare
$0.25Gotenks, the Grim Reaper of Justice - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020EX13-16Expansion Rare
$0.50Great Ape Bardock, Raider's Warcry (Alternate Art)Special Anniversary Set 2020DB1-061Super Rare
$3.00Great Ape Bardock, Raider's Warcry (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020DB1-061Super Rare
$1.00Jiren, Legend of Universe 11 - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020EX13-02Expansion Rare
$1.00Max Power Kamehameha - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020EX13-34Expansion Rare
$0.15Mira, Creator Absorbed (Alternate Art)Special Anniversary Set 2020BT4-108Super Rare
$0.15Mira, Creator Absorbed (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020BT4-108Super Rare
$1.00Toppo, Righteous Aid (Alternate Art)Special Anniversary Set 2020DB1-014Uncommon
$3.00Toppo, Righteous Aid (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020DB1-014Uncommon
$0.15Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the Unstoppable (Alternate Art)Special Anniversary Set 2020DB1-021Super Rare
$3.00Ultra Instinct Son Goku, the Unstoppable (Alternate Art) - FoilSpecial Anniversary Set 2020DB1-021Super Rare
$0.15Absolute Justice JirenTournament of PowerTB1-081Super Rare
$0.15Beerus, Universe 7 Divine VanquisherTournament of PowerTB1-030Super Rare
$63.00Beerus, Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-030Special Rare
$0.50Bergamo // Bergamo, Eldest Brother - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-026Common
$2.00Caulifla - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-014Common
$0.15Foreseeing HitTournament of PowerTB1-008Super Rare
$5.00Frieza // Golden Frieza, The Final Assailant - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-073Uncommon
$0.15Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7Tournament of PowerTB1-077Super Rare
$63.00Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7 (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-077Special Rare
$0.50Hero Combination Tupper - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-086Common
$0.25Infinite Energy Android 18 - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-055Uncommon
$0.25Katopesla - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-094Common
$0.15Maiden Squadron Leader RibrianneTournament of PowerTB1-056Super Rare
$0.50Maiden Transformation - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-071Uncommon
$0.25Rabanra, Maiden Attendant - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-061Common
$0.15Relentless Super Saiyan KaleTournament of PowerTB1-015Super Rare
$3.00Son Gohan // Son Gohan, Leader of Universe 7 - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-025Uncommon
$0.15Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7Tournament of PowerTB1-052Super Rare
$140.00Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7 (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-052Special Rare
$255.00Son Goku, The Awakened PowerTournament of PowerTB1-097Secret Rare
$1.00Strategies of Universe 7 - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-023Uncommon
$0.15Trio De Dangers BergamoTournament of PowerTB1-035Super Rare
$0.15Universe 7 Saiyan Prince VegetaTournament of PowerTB1-004Super Rare
$105.00Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-004Special Rare
$0.25Universe 9 Striker Hyssop - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-043Common
$0.25Zarbuto, Maiden Attendant - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-060Common
$0.25Agu, Virtuous Supremacy (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-060Uncommon
$22.00Broly, Everlasting Vengeance (Championship Final 2019) (Finalist)Tournament Promotion CardsP-140Promo
$18.00Cabba, the Revoker (Championship Final 2019) (Finalist)Tournament Promotion CardsP-141Promo
$0.25Celebrations High Rank Player (Celebrations 2019 - Merit Card - Top 50)Tournament Promotion CardsNULLMerit
$7.00Celebrations Super High Rank Player (Celebrations 2019 - Merit Card - Top 16)Tournament Promotion CardsNULLMerit
$0.25Celebrations Super High Rank Team (Celebrations 2019 - Merit Card - Top 16)Tournament Promotion CardsNULLMerit
$3.00Cell Jr. Token (Alternate Art Foil) (2020 Premier Tournament Online Event Series Promos) - FoilTournament Promotion CardsNULLToken
$27.00Championship Final 2019 Merit Card (Finalist)Tournament Promotion CardsNULLMerit
$3.00Chappil the Iron Drake (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-119Uncommon
$3.00Chi-Chi, Demonic TransformationTournament Promotion CardsP-259Promo
$3.00Chilled's Army Token (Alternate Art Foil) (2020 Premier Tournament Online Event Series Promos) - FoilTournament Promotion CardsNULLToken
$3.00Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant (Winner Stamped)Tournament Promotion CardsBT1-100Promo
$6.00Dr. Rota, Unknown Potential (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-042Uncommon
$6.00Energetic Outburst Kale (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-038Uncommon
$0.25Fledgling Fighter (Celebrations 2019 - Merit Card - Demo Play)Tournament Promotion CardsNULLMerit
$5.00Flying Nimbus (Championship Final 2019)Tournament Promotion CardsBT3-104Promo
$0.50Frost, Chaotic Burst (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-041Uncommon
$0.25Fuwa, Strategic Supremacy (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-045Uncommon
$3.00Ghost Token (Alternate Art Foil) (2020 Premier Tournament Online Event Series Promos) - FoilTournament Promotion CardsNULLToken
$133.00Goku Black, Unforeseen Darkness (Regional Championship 2020)Tournament Promotion CardsP-124Promo
$1.00Gotenks, Greatest Fusion of Them All (Winner Stamped)Tournament Promotion CardsP-254Promo
$22.00Great Ape Son Goku, Saiyan InstinctsTournament Promotion CardsDB1-064Promo
$61.00Hatchhyack, Hatred Everlasting (Regional Championship 2020)Tournament Promotion CardsP-175Promo
$3.00Hermilla, Pinpoint Accuracy (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-087Uncommon
$1.00Ice Lance (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-129Uncommon
$1.00Jirasen, Graceful Wager (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-049Uncommon
$5.00Katopesla, Righteous Fury (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-147Uncommon
$4.00Katopesla, Sonic Justice (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-148Uncommon
$0.25Krillin, Destructo Disc Unleashed (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-067Uncommon
$4.00Light of Hope Trunks (Puzzle Hunt)Tournament Promotion CardsP-005Promo
$6.00Masked Saiyan, Brainwashed No MoreTournament Promotion CardsP-263Promo
$3.00Mechiorp, Bobbing and Weaving (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-054Uncommon
$3.00Meda Token (Alternate Art Foil) (2020 Premier Tournament Online Event Series Promos) - FoilTournament Promotion CardsNULLToken
$0.25Murichim, Brave Bruiser (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-050Uncommon
$3.00Newfound Power Son Gohan (Origins 2019)Tournament Promotion CardsBT4-048_PRPromo
$6.00Nigrisshi, from the Shadows (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-151Uncommon
$0.25Pirina, Namekian Ambush (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-043Uncommon
$3.00Pride Collective Cocotte (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-027Uncommon
$0.25Relentless Destruction Mira (Titan Player Stamped)Tournament Promotion CardsBT3-117Promo
$4.00Secret Technique Paparoni (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-140Uncommon
$22.00Senzu Bean (Championship Final 2019)Tournament Promotion CardsBT1-053Promo
$3.00Shadow Token (Alternate Art Foil) (2020 Premier Tournament Online Event Series Promos) - FoilTournament Promotion CardsNULLToken
$14.00Sleepy Boy Technique (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-165Uncommon
$0.25Son Gohan, the Avenger (Championship Final 2019)Tournament Promotion CardsP-138Promo
$4.00Son Goku, Power of the Golden Great Ape (Winner Stamped)Tournament Promotion CardsP-250Promo
$1.00SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate (Winner Stamped)Tournament Promotion CardsP-261Promo
$4.00SS4 Son Goku, Beyond All LimitsTournament Promotion CardsP-262Promo
$3.00Stealth Silhouette Gamisaras (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-021Uncommon
$3.00Surprise Attack Naturon ShenronTournament Promotion CardsP-260Promo
$3.00Surprise Attack Naturon Shenron (Winner Stamped)Tournament Promotion CardsP-260Promo
$0.25Toppo, Righteous Reprisal (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-091Uncommon
$22.00Trunks, Forerunner of Hope (Championship Final 2019) (Finalist)Tournament Promotion CardsP-139Promo
$0.25Universe 3, Assemble! (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-161Uncommon
$3.00Universe 4, Assemble! (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-031Uncommon
$1.00Vegeta, Time RegulatorTournament Promotion CardsP-142Promo
$1.00Vegeta, Time Regulator (Championship Final 2019)Tournament Promotion CardsP-142Promo
$27.00Vegeta, Time Regulator (Championship Final 2019) (Finalist)Tournament Promotion CardsP-142Promo
$0.25Worthy Warrior Kefla (Divine Multiverse Draft Tournament)Tournament Promotion CardsDB2-009Uncommon
$0.15Cooler, Blood of the Tyrant ClanUnion ForceBT2-110Super Rare
$0.15Grand Evil Absorption Majin BuuUnion ForceBT2-025Super Rare
$0.15Hidden Awakening KaleUnion ForceBT2-095Super Rare
$0.15Infinite Force Fused ZamasuUnion ForceBT2-058Super Rare
$3.00Infinite Force Fused Zamasu (SPR)Union ForceBT2-058Special Rare
$0.15Jiren, Fist of JusticeUnion ForceBT2-029Super Rare
$0.15Miraculous Comeback Ultimate GohanUnion ForceBT2-006Super Rare
$0.15Perfect Force CellUnion ForceBT2-084Super Rare
$7.00Perfect Force Cell (SPR)Union ForceBT2-084Special Rare
$0.15Piercing Super Saiyan 2 Son GohanUnion ForceBT2-073Super Rare
$0.25Ready to Strike Piccolo - FoilUnion ForceBT2-080Common
$0.15Repeated Force VegitoUnion ForceBT2-012Super Rare
$6.00Repeated Force Vegito (SPR)Union ForceBT2-012Special Rare
$0.15Restless Spirit SSB VegetaUnion ForceBT2-040Super Rare
$0.15Returning Evil Golden FriezaUnion ForceBT2-062Super Rare
$0.15The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler CoreUnion ForceBT2-108Super Rare
$2.00The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core (SPR)Union ForceBT2-108Special Rare
$0.15Trunks, The Constant HopeUnion ForceBT2-042Super Rare
$32.00Ultimate Force SSB VegitoUnion ForceBT2-123Secret Rare
$0.15Unstoppable Despair Goku Black RoseUnion ForceBT2-054Super Rare
$0.15Android 13, Adamantine AvengerUniversal OnslaughtBT9-116Super Rare
$0.25Android 18, Bionic Blitz - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-099Common
$9.00Android 18, Bionic Blitz (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-099Special Rare
$0.25Beerus, Divine Obliterator - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-107Common
$6.00Beerus, Divine Obliterator (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-107Special Rare
$2.00Belmod, Double Devastation - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-050Uncommon
$1.00Bibidi, Primeval Conjurer - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-076Common
$40.00Black Smoke Dragon, Eternal EvilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-135Secret Rare
$2.00Catastrophic BlowUniversal OnslaughtBT9-111Super Rare
$110.00Cell Xeno, Unspeakable AbominationUniversal OnslaughtBT9-137Secret Rare
$0.15Cell, Unthinkable PerfectionUniversal OnslaughtBT9-113Super Rare
$0.50Cell, Unthinkable Perfection (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-113Special Rare
$5.00Cell's Earth-Destroying KamehamehaUniversal OnslaughtBT9-132Iconic Attack Rare
$3.00Cooler, Tyrannical AssaultUniversal OnslaughtBT9-103Super Rare
$5.00Cooler, Tyrannical Assault (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-103Special Rare
$3.00Dr. Gero, Progenitor of Terror (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-115Special Rare
$0.15Dyspo, Unprecedented SpeedUniversal OnslaughtBT9-121Super Rare
$0.50Frieza, Death's EmbraceUniversal OnslaughtBT9-005Super Rare
$0.25Frieza's Death BallUniversal OnslaughtBT9-130Iconic Attack Rare
$0.15Full-Power Frieza, 100-Percent OverdriveUniversal OnslaughtBT9-101Super Rare
$1.00Full-Power Frieza, 100-Percent Overdrive (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-101Special Rare
$0.15Hit, in Cold BloodUniversal OnslaughtBT9-093Super Rare
$0.15Jiren, Strength in SilenceUniversal OnslaughtBT9-119Super Rare
$0.25Majin Buu, Ghastly RampageUniversal OnslaughtBT9-082Super Rare
$0.15Majin Buu, Supreme EvilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-077Super Rare
$3.00Majin Buu's Human Extinction AttackUniversal OnslaughtBT9-134Iconic Attack Rare
$4.00Nappa, Demolition Man (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-090Special Rare
$0.15Royal CondemnationUniversal OnslaughtBT9-110Super Rare
$3.00Royal Condemnation (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-110Special Rare
$2.00Son Gohan // Father-Son Kamehameha Goku & Gohan ReturnUniversal OnslaughtBT9-128Reboot Leader Rare
$154.00Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex of PowerUniversal OnslaughtBT9-136Secret Rare
$2.00Son Goku // Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Limits Surpassed - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-100Uncommon
$3.00SSB Vegeta, Inspired TechniqueUniversal OnslaughtBT9-105Super Rare
$0.15Super 17, Hell's Storm UnleashedUniversal OnslaughtBT9-117Super Rare
$0.15Toppo, Mortality SurpassedUniversal OnslaughtBT9-120Super Rare
$1.00Tournament of Power Arena - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-037Uncommon
$0.25Tyranny's Cost - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-108Common
$4.00Ultra Instinct Goku's KamehamehaUniversal OnslaughtBT9-131Iconic Attack Rare
$0.15Ultra Instinct Son Goku, Energy ExplosionUniversal OnslaughtBT9-104Super Rare
$0.50Vegeta's Final FlashUniversal OnslaughtBT9-133Iconic Attack Rare
$4.00Whis, Celestial Moderator (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-096Special Rare
$2.00Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief - FoilUniversal OnslaughtBT9-091Common
$10.00Zamasu, Sacred Disbelief (SPR)Universal OnslaughtBT9-091Special Rare
$45.00Baby Hatchhyack, Saiyan DestroyerVermilion BloodlineBT11-153Secret Rare
$5.00Baby, Golden AvengerVermilion BloodlineBT11-042Super Rare
$0.15Baby, Resolute AvengerVermilion BloodlineBT11-094Super Rare
$0.35Baby, Resolute Avenger (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-094Special Rare
$7.00Baby, the Unknown ParasiteVermilion BloodlineBT11-033Super Rare
$0.15Bardock, Strategic MindVermilion BloodlineBT11-025Super Rare
$0.25Dark Broly, Overwhelming EvilVermilion BloodlineBT11-064Super Rare
$1.00Dark Broly, Overwhelming Evil (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-064Special Rare
$5.00Dark Broly, Uncontrollable BerserkerVermilion BloodlineBT11-134Super Rare
$1.00Eis Shenron, the CryomancerVermilion BloodlineBT11-112Super Rare
$0.15Garlic Jr., Overlord of the Dead ZoneVermilion BloodlineBT11-104Super Rare
$0.35Garlic Jr., Overlord of the Dead Zone (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-104Special Rare
$0.15Gotenks, Earth-Shattering MightVermilion BloodlineBT11-003Super Rare
$0.35Gotenks, Earth-Shattering Might (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-003Special Rare
$3.00Majin Buu, Royal AbsorptionVermilion BloodlineBT11-083Super Rare
$0.25Paragus, Oath of Vengeance - FoilVermilion BloodlineBT11-021Common
$0.15Piccolo, Demonic TransformationVermilion BloodlineBT11-099Super Rare
$0.15Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Prideful WarriorVermilion BloodlineBT11-066Super Rare
$0.25Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Prideful Warrior (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-066Special Rare
$0.50Raditz, Saiyan Youth - FoilVermilion BloodlineBT11-005Rare
$5.00SS Broly, Unlimited PowerVermilion BloodlineBT11-014Super Rare
$0.25SS Vegeta, the Prince Strikes BackVermilion BloodlineBT11-130Rare
$2.00SS Vegeta, the Prince Strikes Back - FoilVermilion BloodlineBT11-130Rare
$0.50SS3 Gotenks, All-Out AssaultVermilion BloodlineBT11-081Super Rare
$0.50SS3 Son Goku, Man on a Mission - FoilVermilion BloodlineBT11-127Rare
$0.15SS3 Son Goku, Overflowing SpiritVermilion BloodlineBT11-050Super Rare
$0.15SS4 Bardock, Combat InstinctsVermilion BloodlineBT11-131Super Rare
$0.25SS4 Bardock, Combat Instincts (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-131Special Rare
$60.00SS4 Broly, the Great DestroyerVermilion BloodlineBT11-152Secret Rare
$0.15SS4 Son Gohan, Beyond the UltimateVermilion BloodlineBT11-123Super Rare
$0.35SS4 Son Gohan, Beyond the Ultimate (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-123Special Rare
$0.15SS4 Son Goku, Conqueror of EvilVermilion BloodlineBT11-126Super Rare
$0.15SS4 Son Goku, Protector of the EarthVermilion BloodlineBT11-034Super Rare
$1.00SS4 Son Goku, Protector of the Earth (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-034Special Rare
$0.15SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super WarriorVermilion BloodlineBT11-052Super Rare
$0.50SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super Warrior (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-052Special Rare
$0.15SS4 Vegeta, Supreme Saiyan PowerVermilion BloodlineBT11-124Super Rare
$3.00SSB Gogeta, Technique UnchainedVermilion BloodlineBT11-012Super Rare
$4.00SSB Gogeta, Technique Unchained (SPR)Vermilion BloodlineBT11-012Special Rare
$0.25Vegeta, Disciplined Warrior - FoilVermilion BloodlineBT11-054Rare
$18.00Vegito, Warrior From Another DimensionVermilion BloodlineBT11-154Secret Rare
$6.00Violent RaysVermilion BloodlineBT11-030Super Rare
$0.15Destined Conclusion HeroWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-045Super Rare
$0.35Destined Conclusion Hero (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-045Special Rare
$0.15Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr.World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-039Super Rare
$0.35Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr. (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-039Special Rare
$3.00Feet Kamehameha - FoilWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-049Common
$0.15Hercule, Proudest GrandpaWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-029Super Rare
$0.35Hercule, Proudest Grandpa (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-029Special Rare
$3.00Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai - FoilWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-012Uncommon
$0.15Pan, Proudest DaughterWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-023Super Rare
$0.35Pan, Proudest Daughter (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-023Special Rare
$4.00Son Goku & Uub, Seeds of the FutureWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-069Secret Rare
$0.15Supreme Showdown Son GokuWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-002Super Rare
$0.25Supreme Showdown Son Goku (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-002Special Rare
$0.15Supreme Showdown VegetaWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-005Super Rare
$0.50Supreme Showdown Vegeta (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-005Special Rare
$0.15Unyielding Victory Jackie ChunWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-058Super Rare
$0.35Unyielding Victory Jackie Chun (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-058Special Rare
$0.15Unyielding Victory Son GokuWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-051Super Rare
$0.35Unyielding Victory Son Goku (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-051Special Rare


While we are always buying, we reserve the right to rescind an offer on any card or collection, particularly cards that have been damaged by water, liquids, or smoke of any type. We will either offer you the listed price, modified by condition, or we will pass on the opportunity to buy a specific card or cards.

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