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Card Name
Card #
$0.03Bulk Rares (NM only)--
$0.15Bulk Super Rares (NM only)--
$0.35Bulk Super Special Rare (NM only)--
$0.15Absolute Space SS3 TrunksColossal WarfareBT4-101Super Rare
$2.00Adoptive Father Son Gohan - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-091Common
$8.00At All Costs VegetaColossal WarfareBT4-030Super Rare
$0.25Baby, Vengeance Unleashed - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-018Common
$6.00Bardock, the ProgenitorColossal WarfareBT4-073Super Rare
$32.00Beyond Darkness DemigraColossal WarfareBT4-124Secret Rare
$0.15Colossal Malice HirudegarnColossal WarfareBT4-036Super Rare
$0.15Combo Killer AnilazaColossal WarfareBT4-067Super Rare
$12.00Distant Descendant, Son Goku Jr.Colossal WarfareBT4-123Secret Rare
$0.15Epochal Grudge Great Ape BabyColossal WarfareBT4-016Super Rare
$0.15Height of Mastery Son GokuColossal WarfareBT4-075Super Rare
$6.00Height of Mastery Son Goku (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-075Special Rare
$0.25Hidden Darkness Minotia - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-041Common
$0.25Intensifying Power Trunks - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-012Uncommon
$0.15Jiren, Universe's StrongestColossal WarfareBT4-094Super Rare
$0.15Kami's Power PiccoloColossal WarfareBT4-049Super Rare
$3.00Kami's Power Piccolo (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-049Special Rare
$0.50Minus Kili Zone - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-122Common
$1.00Mira, Creator AbsorbedColossal WarfareBT4-108Super Rare
$0.15Saiyan Onslaught KeflaColossal WarfareBT4-019Super Rare
$0.15Temporal Darkness DemigraColossal WarfareBT4-105Super Rare
$0.50Temporal Darkness Demigra (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-105Special Rare
$0.50The Legendary Flute - FoilColossal WarfareBT4-045Common
$0.15Titanic Ambition Lord SlugColossal WarfareBT4-059Super Rare
$0.15Triple Flash SS4 Son GokuColossal WarfareBT4-003Super Rare
$2.00Triple Flash SS4 Son Goku (SPR)Colossal WarfareBT4-003Special Rare
$0.25Chain Attack TrunksCross WorldsSD2-05Starter Rare
$0.15Desperate Warrior Super Saiyan BardockCross WorldsBT3-084Super Rare
$0.15Dimension Breaker MiraCross WorldsBT3-116Super Rare
$0.50Dreadful Duo, Android 17 - FoilCross WorldsBT3-064Common
$0.15Explosive Spirit Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-088Super Rare
$3.00Explosive Spirit Son Goku (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-088Special Rare
$6.00Fearless PanCross WorldsBT3-008Super Rare
$2.00Flying Nimbus - FoilCross WorldsBT3-104Common
$0.15Fu, Shrouded in MysteryCross WorldsBT3-118Super Rare
$0.25Fu, Shrouded in Mystery (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-118Special Rare
$1.00Handy Giru - FoilCross WorldsBT3-013Common
$18.00Hyper Evolution Super Saiyan 4 Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-123Secret Rare
$0.15Hyper Rush SSB VegitoCross WorldsBT3-063Super Rare
$3.00Hyper Rush SSB Vegito (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-063Special Rare
$0.25Majin Defier, West Supreme Kai - FoilCross WorldsBT3-039Common
$0.25March of the Great Ape - FoilCross WorldsBT3-106Common
$0.15Meta-Rilldo, Form PerfectedCross WorldsBT3-018Super Rare
$0.50Planet M-2 - FoilCross WorldsBT3-030Common
$0.15SS3 Bardock, Power UnleashedCross WorldsBT3-109Super Rare
$0.50Supreme Kai of Time, World's Protector - FoilCross WorldsBT3-113Common
$2.00The Ultimate Evil, Majin BuuCross WorldsBT3-047Super Rare
$0.25Trunks, Power Overseeing TimeCross WorldsBT3-111Super Rare
$0.15Ultra Instinct -Sign- Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-033Super Rare
$6.00Ultra Instinct -Sign- Son Goku (SPR)Cross WorldsBT3-033Special Rare
$2.00Unending Awakening - FoilCross WorldsBT3-027Common
$0.15Unending Destruction, Android 13Cross WorldsBT3-069Super Rare
$0.50Unstoppable Ambition Super Saiyan CauliflaCross WorldsBT3-078Super Rare
$0.25Unwavering Solidarity Shugesh - FoilCross WorldsBT3-100Common
$0.15Victorious Fist Super Saiyan 3 Son GokuCross WorldsBT3-003Super Rare
$0.50Comrades Combined Son GokuExpansion Deck Box Set 01 - Mighty HeroesEX01-01Expansion Rare
$2.00Comrades Combined Son Goku (Foil)Expansion Deck Box Set 01 - Mighty HeroesEX01-01Expansion Rare
$0.25Masked Saiyan, the Mysterious WarriorExpansion Deck Box Set 02 - Dark Demon's VillainsEX02-02Expansion Rare
$0.25Masked Saiyan, the Mysterious Warrior (Foil)Expansion Deck Box Set 02 - Dark Demon's VillainsEX02-02Expansion Rare
$0.15Awakening Rage Son GokuGalactic BattleBT1-059Super Rare
$0.15Beerus, General of DemolitionGalactic BattleBT1-041Super Rare
$0.15Broly, The Rampaging HorrorGalactic BattleBT1-073Super Rare
$11.00Broly, The Rampaging Horror (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-073Special Rare
$0.15Destructive Terror ChampaGalactic BattleBT1-004Super Rare
$0.15Elite Force Captain GinyuGalactic BattleBT1-095Super Rare
$0.15God Break Son GokuGalactic BattleBT1-031Super Rare
$4.00God Break Son Goku (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-031Special Rare
$0.15Golden Frieza, Resurrected TerrorGalactic BattleBT1-086Super Rare
$9.00Golden Frieza, Resurrected Terror (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-086Special Rare
$0.15Lightning-fast HitGalactic BattleBT1-011Super Rare
$4.00Lightning-fast Hit (SPR)Galactic BattleBT1-011Special Rare
$0.25ObjectionGalactic BattleBT1-052Common
$2.00Senzu BeanGalactic BattleBT1-053Common
$6.00A Child's Wish - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-118Common
$0.50Afterimage Technique - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-023Common
$0.15Black Masked Saiyan, the DevastatorMiraculous RevivalBT5-111Super Rare
$3.00Black Masked Saiyan, the Devastator (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-111Special Rare
$0.50Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-112Uncommon
$0.25Defensive Stance SS Vegeta - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-059Common
$6.00Dimension Magic - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-050Common
$8.00Dragon Ball - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-117Common
$0.25Dragon RadarMiraculous RevivalBT5-116Rare
$1.00Endless Malice Android 17 - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-064Common
$0.15Frieza, Back from HellMiraculous RevivalBT5-091Super Rare
$5.00Frieza, Back from Hell (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-091Special Rare
$0.15Ghost Rampage SS GotenksMiraculous RevivalBT5-040Super Rare
$3.00Ghost Rampage SS Gotenks (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-040Special Rare
$6.00Gogeta, Hero RevivedMiraculous RevivalBT5-038Super Rare
$15.00Gogeta, Hero Revived (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-038Special Rare
$1.00Great Saiyaman, Town Hero - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-032Common
$0.50Hell Fighter 17, Evil Revived - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-066Common
$0.15Infernal Chain JanembaMiraculous RevivalBT5-047Super Rare
$4.00Infernal Chain Janemba (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-047Special Rare
$1.00Infernal Emperor Frieza - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-072Common
$5.00Infernal Villainy Cell - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-073Common
$0.15King Piccolo, Terror UnleashedMiraculous RevivalBT5-022Super Rare
$0.25King Piccolo, Terror Unleashed (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-022Special Rare
$34.00Miraculous Fighter SS3 GogetaMiraculous RevivalBT5-120Secret Rare
$0.25North Kai, Keeping Watch - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-041Common
$0.25Personal Ambition - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-103Common
$3.00Power Burst - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-115Common
$0.25Quick Thinkin' Gotenks - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-039Uncommon
$0.50Shenron, Figure of MajestyMiraculous RevivalSD7-04Starter Rare
$1.00Shenron, Figure of Majesty - FoilMiraculous RevivalSD7-04Starter Rare
$0.15Shenron, the WishgranterMiraculous RevivalBT5-110Super Rare
$5.00Shenron, the Wishgranter (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-110Special Rare
$2.00Shocking Death Ball - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-075Common
$0.50Sideline Assist Bulma - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-008Common
$0.15SSB Vegeta, Testing His LimitsMiraculous RevivalBT5-083Super Rare
$3.00SSB Vegeta, Testing His Limits (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-083Special Rare
$0.15Super 17, Cell AbsorbedMiraculous RevivalBT5-067Super Rare
$8.00Super 17, Cell Absorbed (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-067Special Rare
$6.00Temporal Rescue Trunks - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-114Common
$0.25Time Magic - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-101Common
$0.15Twin Onslaught SS4 Son GokuMiraculous RevivalBT5-055Super Rare
$1.00Twin Onslaught SS4 Son Goku (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-055Special Rare
$1.00Ultimate Fusion GogetaMiraculous RevivalSD6-04Starter Rare
$1.00Ultimate Fusion Gogeta - FoilMiraculous RevivalSD6-04Starter Rare
$0.25World Peace - FoilMiraculous RevivalBT5-119Uncommon
$0.15Yamcha, at 100 PercentMiraculous RevivalBT5-009Super Rare
$4.00Yamcha, at 100 Percent (SPR)Miraculous RevivalBT5-009Special Rare
$0.50Awakened Warrior Bardock (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT3-110Promo
$27.00Awakened Warrior Bardock (Level 2 Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT3-110Promo
$9.00Bardock, the Progenitor (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT4-073Promo
$0.50Bardock, Will of Iron (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsP-035Promo
$4.00Boost Attack Piccolo (Winner Stamped)Promotion CardsBT1-045Common
$5.00Broly, The Unstoppable Horror (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-006Promo
$4.00Broly, The Unstoppable Horror (Non-Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-006Promo
$1.00Burst Attack Son GohanPromotion CardsP-049Promo
$1.00Burst Attack Son Gohan - FoilPromotion CardsP-049Promo
$2.00Burst Attack Son Gohan (Judge Promo) - FoilPromotion CardsP-049Promo
$0.50Caulifla // Caulifla Running WildPromotion CardsP-043Promo
$5.00Cell // Ultimate Lifeform Cell (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsBT2-068Promo
$0.25Chilling Terror Android 17 (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-017Promo
$7.00Clan of Terror Mecha Frieza (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-008Promo
$5.00Clan of Terror Mecha Frieza (Non-Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-008Promo
$3.00Cold Bloodlust (Super Player Stamped)Promotion CardsBT1-107Common
$5.00Crusher Ball (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT1-110Promo
$5.00Demon Sword JanembaPromotion CardsP-078Promo
$6.00Demon Sword Janemba - FoilPromotion CardsP-078Promo
$2.00Determined Super Saiyan Son Gohan (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsP-016Promo
$0.25Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant (Winner Stamped)Promotion CardsBT1-100Common
$6.00Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT2-010Promo
$44.00Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Level 2 Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT2-010Promo
$0.25Endless Evolution Broly (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsP-033Promo
$1.00Everybody's Pal YamchaPromotion CardsP-077Promo
$2.00Everybody's Pal Yamcha - FoilPromotion CardsP-077Promo
$0.25Forceful Strike Cell (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-007Promo
$4.00Fortuneteller Baba, Earth's SeerPromotion CardsP-085Promo
$5.00Frieza // Golden Frieza, The Final Assailant (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsTB1-073Promo
$6.00Full Power Energy (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT1-080Promo
$11.00Furthering Destruction Champa (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT1-005Promo
$0.50Ginyu, The Reliable Captain (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-019Promo
$0.25Ginyu, The Reliable Captain (Non-Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-019Promo
$2.00Glory-Obsessed Prince of Destruction VegetaPromotion CardsP-063Promo
$5.00Gogeta // Knockout Strike Gogeta (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsSD6-01Promo
$7.00Joyful Strike Goku Black Rose (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsP-015Promo
$3.00Krillin // Stormfist KrillinPromotion CardsP-071Promo
$0.50Light of Hope Trunks (Puzzle Hunt)Promotion CardsP-005Promo
$0.25Masked Saiyan, the Mysterious Warrior (Metallic Foil) (Event Pack 2018) - FoilPromotion CardsEX02-02Promo
$4.00Occupation of Evil Frieza (Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-018Promo
$3.00Occupation of Evil Frieza (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsP-018Promo
$3.00Occupation of Evil Frieza (Non-Foil Version)Promotion CardsP-018Promo
$2.00One-Star BallPromotion CardsP-089Promo
$4.00Pan // Pan, Ready to Fight (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsBT3-001Promo
$0.50Preface of Recovery Son Goku (Event Pack 2 - 2018)Promotion CardsP-047_PRPromo
$0.25Raging Spirit Son Gohan (Shenron's Chosen Stamped)Promotion CardsBT2-039Promo
$8.00Rapid Onslaught Super Saiyan Blue Son GokuPromotion CardsP-022Promo
$1.00Saiyan Teamwork CabbaPromotion CardsP-041Promo
$2.00Scientist FuPromotion CardsP-036Promo
$2.00Scientist Fu - FoilPromotion CardsP-036Promo
$6.00Scientist Fu (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsP-036Promo
$3.00Scrambling Assault Son Goten (Event Pack 2 - 2018)Promotion CardsP-062_PRPromo
$4.00Super 17, the Infernal MachinePromotion CardsP-080Promo
$5.00Super 17, the Infernal Machine - FoilPromotion CardsP-080Promo
$5.00Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsP-003Promo
$0.50Terrible Creator Android 20 (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT2-093Promo
$4.00The Masked Saiyan // Bardock, Unbound by Darkness (2018 Big Card Pack)Promotion CardsSD3-01Promo
$4.00Time's Choice, Supreme Kai of Time (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT4-103Promo
$0.50Trunks, Protector of Children (Winner Stamped)Promotion CardsBT1-069Common
$18.00Unyielding Spirit Trunks (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT2-044Promo
$4.00Vegeta Baby // Saiyan Power Vegeta BabyPromotion CardsP-070Promo
$12.00Zen-Oh, The Plain God (Judge Promo)Promotion CardsBT2-060Promo
$0.15Absolute Justice JirenTournament of PowerTB1-081Super Rare
$0.50Backbone of Universe 7 Son Goku - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-003Common
$0.25Beerus, Universe 7 Divine VanquisherTournament of PowerTB1-030Super Rare
$17.00Beerus, Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-030Special Rare
$0.25Cabba, Universe Mediator - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-011Common
$3.00Caulifla - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-014Common
$2.00Dauntless Kale - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-017Common
$3.00Energy Guard Android 17 - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-054Uncommon
$0.50Focused Mind Son Gohan - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-029Common
$5.00Foreseeing HitTournament of PowerTB1-008Super Rare
$0.50Frieza // Golden Frieza, The Final Assailant - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-073Uncommon
$0.25Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7Tournament of PowerTB1-077Super Rare
$19.00Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7 (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-077Special Rare
$0.50Hero Combination Tupper - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-086Common
$0.25Hero Combination Vuon - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-084Common
$0.15Maiden Squadron Leader RibrianneTournament of PowerTB1-056Super Rare
$6.00Master Roshi, Forged of Will - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-076Uncommon
$0.25Ready to Fight Son Goku - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-027Common
$0.15Relentless Super Saiyan KaleTournament of PowerTB1-015Super Rare
$0.25Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7Tournament of PowerTB1-052Super Rare
$38.00Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7 (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-052Special Rare
$115.00Son Goku, The Awakened PowerTournament of PowerTB1-097Secret Rare
$0.15Trio De Dangers BergamoTournament of PowerTB1-035Super Rare
$0.15Universe 7 Saiyan Prince VegetaTournament of PowerTB1-004Super Rare
$22.00Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta (SPR)Tournament of PowerTB1-004Special Rare
$0.25Zarbuto, Maiden Attendant - FoilTournament of PowerTB1-060Common
$1.00Awe-Inspiring Intimidator SSB VegitoUltimate BoxEX03-08Expansion Rare
$2.00Awe-Inspiring Intimidator SSB Vegito - FoilUltimate BoxEX03-08Expansion Rare
$0.50Limitless Energy Android 17Ultimate BoxEX03-17Expansion Rare
$1.00Limitless Energy Android 17 - FoilUltimate BoxEX03-17Expansion Rare
$0.15Cooler, Blood of the Tyrant ClanUnion ForceBT2-110Super Rare
$0.15Grand Evil Absorption Majin BuuUnion ForceBT2-025Super Rare
$1.00Hidden Awakening KaleUnion ForceBT2-095Super Rare
$0.15Infinite Force Fused ZamasuUnion ForceBT2-058Super Rare
$0.50Infinite Force Fused Zamasu (SPR)Union ForceBT2-058Special Rare
$0.15Jiren, Fist of JusticeUnion ForceBT2-029Super Rare
$2.00Miraculous Comeback Ultimate GohanUnion ForceBT2-006Super Rare
$10.00Perfect Force CellUnion ForceBT2-084Super Rare
$14.00Perfect Force Cell (SPR)Union ForceBT2-084Special Rare
$0.15Piercing Super Saiyan 2 Son GohanUnion ForceBT2-073Super Rare
$0.15Repeated Force VegitoUnion ForceBT2-012Super Rare
$2.00Repeated Force Vegito (SPR)Union ForceBT2-012Special Rare
$0.15Restless Spirit SSB VegetaUnion ForceBT2-040Super Rare
$0.15Returning Evil Golden FriezaUnion ForceBT2-062Super Rare
$0.15The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler CoreUnion ForceBT2-108Super Rare
$0.50The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core (SPR)Union ForceBT2-108Special Rare
$0.15Trunks, The Constant HopeUnion ForceBT2-042Super Rare
$28.00Ultimate Force SSB VegitoUnion ForceBT2-123Secret Rare
$0.15Unstoppable Despair Goku Black RoseUnion ForceBT2-054Super Rare
$0.25Announcer, Ever-Curious - FoilWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-066Common
$0.50Awakening Talent PanWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-024Rare
$0.15Destined Conclusion HeroWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-045Super Rare
$0.35Destined Conclusion Hero (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-045Special Rare
$0.15Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr.World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-039Super Rare
$0.35Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr. (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-039Special Rare
$0.15Hercule, Proudest GrandpaWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-029Super Rare
$0.35Hercule, Proudest Grandpa (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-029Special Rare
$1.00Heroic Duo Videl - FoilWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-011Common
$0.50Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai - FoilWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-012Uncommon
$0.15Pan, Proudest DaughterWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-023Super Rare
$0.35Pan, Proudest Daughter (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-023Special Rare
$5.00Son Goku & Uub, Seeds of the FutureWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-069Secret Rare
$0.15Supreme Showdown Son GokuWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-002Super Rare
$3.00Supreme Showdown Son Goku (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-002Special Rare
$0.15Supreme Showdown VegetaWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-005Super Rare
$3.00Supreme Showdown Vegeta (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-005Special Rare
$0.15Unyielding Victory Jackie ChunWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-058Super Rare
$0.50Unyielding Victory Jackie Chun (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-058Special Rare
$0.15Unyielding Victory Son GokuWorld Martial Arts TournamentTB2-051Super Rare
$0.35Unyielding Victory Son Goku (SPR)World Martial Arts TournamentTB2-051Special Rare