Recommended Board Games For Goblins Of All Ages

February 19, 2018
What makes a game a “family game”? Family games come in all shapes and sizes. Implementing a family game night might be a challenge for some families.

You are sure to find a game worthy of all the participants of your family game night at Game Goblins. We have a full selection of Haba games that will challenge and entice your younger children. For older children we have a great selection of more challenging games that will teach them key tabletop gaming skills while still having fun. For more information about our selection of family games, get social with us on our Facebook!

We have many recommendations for family games, here are a few based on the ages of the players.

1. Family Games Ages 5+ — Rhino Hero 

This dexterity, dice-rolling game is designed for Goblins ages five and up. The goal is to build up a tower of cards steady enough to hold a rhinoceros—a figurine rhino provided with the game, not a real one.

A round of Rhino Hero takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete. It takes two to four players to play a round. The winner of the game is the player who builds all of their roof cards first. If the skyscraper should fall, the player with the fewest roof cards in hand wins—unless they are responsible for the collapse of the structure.

2. Family Games Ages 8+ — Cockroach Poker

Is it time to teach your kids how to bluff in a card game? Cockroach Poker is a comical game of bugs and other critters. The only thing this game has in common with poker is that it requires each player to bluff.

Cockroach Poker is recommended for Goblins ages eight and up. A round typically takes 20 minutes to play and requires two to six players. The game is over when a player has four cards of the same critter face-up in front of them, or when a player runs out of cards. This unlucky player is the only loser, everyone else wins.

3.Family Games Ages 12+ — Mountains of Madness

Any HP Lovecraft fans attending your family game night? This thrilling, novel-based game is only recommended for Goblins ages 12 and up because it includes complex challenges. Players will interact with the game through role playing, but with the added challenge of madness cards.

Can your family communicate and coordinate enough to make it? In their quest to the the highest peak of the Antarctic polar circle will face injury, encounters, and more—it is a game inspired by HP Lovecraft after all.