Family Games That Would Make a Perfect Last-Minute Gift

December 11, 2018

Waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping? We’ve all been there! Here are three games we recommend for just about any grown-up or kid of the appropriate age.


They are perfect for family games. Perhaps they’ll even diminish holiday awkwardness among your well-meaning extended family?

1. Something new | Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling

Sit down with a group of four to seven people and great ready to solve problems you never thought you’d be confronted with. We don’t mean this is an ominous way — you won’t need death-defying skills and magical talents. How would you fare against jellyfish (too many to count) that are displaying a level of coordination that only a collective consciousness could achieve?


Each player is presented with the same challenge. They have different objects to resolve the situation. Whoever comes up with the best story wins.


This game is designed for players ages 12 and up. It takes anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes to play. The longer the stories, the longer the game, so choose your opponents wisely. This game is great for parties and small gatherings.


2. A classic | Jumanji. The Game That Pursues You!

We are talking about the classic version of this game that was released in 1995. This game requires cooperative play. Your fellow players will need rescuing as much as they’ll need to rescue you. Everyone works together towards a common goal, survival.


How do you get dangerous creatures, realistic and imaginative, to stop terrorizing you? You must make it to the end of the game — haven’t you seen the movie?.


This game is best played with two to four players. It takes about 45 minutes to either escape the jungle or accept your inevitable fate. Players should be at least eight years of age.


3. A party game | Just One. It’s your choice to make a difference!

Another board game that calls for cooperative play. Just One was designed with parties in mind. It’ll be perfect for your next gathering (relatives or friends). To play, you’ll need three to seven players that are over eight years of age.


13 cards, 3 – 7 people, 2 points lost if you get it wrong, 1 point if you get it right. Can you determine the mystery word with your teammates? This game requires creative thinking and being able to decipher unique clues.