Game Highlight: Star Trek Catan

February 4, 2017

Race to settle an island? How about a world? Maybe you’ve heard of the popular board game, Settlers of Catan? Maybe you’ve played and won a few times. Maybe those wins have gone to your head and now you are looking for a new world to conquer? Relax. In the spirit of all things tabletop, Game Goblins has a board game that will bring Star Trek and Catan enthusiasts together: Star Trek Catan.

What is different?

The first major difference is the style of the game. Star Trek Catan features everything from starships, planets and starbases to your favorite characters Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Instead of the original hills, forests, mountains, fields and pastures resources this version of Catan includes dilithium, tritanium, food, oxygen and water resources .

The second major difference between the original Settlers of Catan and Star Trek Catan is the use of support cards. For the original game these cards are only available as an additional feature. With Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Scott, Uhura, Chekov, Chapel, Rand, or Sarek support cards you can receive additional help for your planet.

What are reviews saying?

If you enjoy Settlers of Catan and Star Trek, this is the game for you. How Settlers of Catan is played meshes well with the overall appeal of Star Trek adventures. Make your own final frontier. Seek out new life and establish new civilizations. Boldly go to the kitchen, maybe. What’s a good game night without snacks?


Star Trek Catan was released in 2012. Franz Vohwinkel illustrated the new design, characters and components based off the classic 23rd century Star Trek era.

Just like Settlers of Catan you need 3 to 4 players to play. It is recommended for players 12 years of age and up. The game takes about 75 minutes to play or more.

Stop by Game Goblins, on Bowman rd, and check out Star Trek Catan for yourself. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and offer recommendations.

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