What To Get A Kid For Christmas

December 11, 2018

What are the kids into these days? You may not be around kids every day, but most of us have younger humans in your extended family that we will see over the holidays. Gift them board games! Their parents will be happy with a screen-free activity, and they will have a new game to learn and play.

Remember that cool relative you were always excited to see during the holidays? That is you now. Welcome to adult world.


Board games are great gifts because they are more than just an object, they are an experience.


Here are a few reasons why we recommend gifting board games this Christmas season (of course, we are leaving out the most obvious reason we are all for board games under the Christmas tree: we sell them — and we’ve always got our eye on the latest board game accessories we’d like to add to our play space.).


1. They are good for human interaction.

Whether it’s bonding with your parents during a family game night, or finding a way to hang out with your relatives you only see once a year. Regular interaction strengthens relationships. With a board game, your kid relative will have a reason to spend time with the older humans in their life — and those older humans won’t dread the obligation.


2. Kids learn important life lessons while playing.

Nothing helps young minds grow like curiosity. Board games are a great reason for kids to self-educate. They are motivated to win which means understanding how to operate within the rules of the game. Remember the last time you picked up a new board game and had to learn the rules and mechanisms? Without even realizing it, they’ll learn the art of deduction, risk-taking, negotiation, and much more.


3. Competition is good for us.

What is worse than being bored? Not much! — Well, surviving in a 41st Millennium war-torn galaxy might be close.


When you are playing a board game, you are working towards a goal; winning. Your mind gets an exercise in whichever skills are needed to win the game and the stimulation from the experience.