How To Have an Online Board Games Night with Friends and Family

Let’s be real, quarantine is getting to all of us. Everything is slowly reopening, but there are a lot of activities that still aren’t considered safe. When you got that Netflix burnout, you already baked 18 dozen cookies, your plants have all been watered, and your puppy is begging you to please stop walking him, where are you and your family to turn??  May we suggest…the humble board game? Whether you’re a longtime lover of board games or you haven’t played since you were a kid, this is a perfect time to try a new game – or return to one of the great classics. To that end, we have compiled list of what we consider to be the best board games to play during lockdown with your family or safely socially distanced friends. Enjoy!

Classic Board Games 

There’s no shame in returning to the basics – especially if you’ve got kids to entertain! After all, the classics are “classic” for a reason. They built the foundation and game theory for all of our new and improved favorites of the now! And with many board game manufacturers are putting a halt on new releases right now, learning to love what you have is an excellent coping mechanism.


Ah, Monopoly – the start of many a family feud over imaginary real estate and poor renter’s rights practices. This original celebration of capitalism at its most brutal is a stone-cold classic that’s sure to entertain the whole family. Just be sure you agree on the “house rules” beforehand because everyone plays a little differently. Do you get $400 instead of $200 if you land directly on go? Do you allow players to waive the rent if they so choose instead of bankrupting another player? Deciding ahead of time and getting on the same page will save you a lot of grief.    And the best part of Monopoly if you have kids? You’re teaching them financial skills, math, and the value of location in real-estate without even trying! Love it! 


This is less a game of skill and more a game of dexterity – making it perfect for those of you with younger children. Or those of you who want to play with some adult beverages. Just use the tiny little tweezers to pluck out the patient’s cartoony organs – maybe you’ll be inspiring the next generation of doctors and nurses!   You’ll learn about conductivity (the metal on metal with a mild electric current is how the game “buzzes” you for hitting the edges), anatomy, and patience. Just remind the kiddos that the “breadbasket” in a person does not actually look like a loaf of bread. 

Family Night Friendly Board Games

Among some of our favorite board games to play during lockdown are these family-friendly options. They encourage communication, working together, and laughing until you cry!


If you have never played Bananagrams, you are missing out! Alphabet tiles come in a banana-shaped bag and you use them to spell words as quickly as you can while other words are being built by your fellow players! It’s like Scrabble had a baby with Hungry, Hungry Hippos – the person who uses all their tiles first wins! Guaranteed to improve spelling and critical thinking skills, this is a great vocabulary tool for those of you homeschooling this year!

Totes Emosh

If your kids are of an age that requires them to use emojis on the regular, this is a fantastic, silly game. You draw a card with an emoji face on it and then you have to pull that face or act it out while the other players guess! If you’re looking for a facial workout or an hour of non-stop giggles, this is the game for you!

Board Games for Serious Gamers

Obviously anyone can play these games regardless of their level of expertise in gaming, but the games on this part of the list are all strategy heavy and require some extra set up and time spent reading the rules closely. But if you’re down, these can be the BEST hours of entertainment you’ve had since lockdown started. 


We know, we know… but it’s SO much more fun than it sounds. Every player gets a variety of trees of all sizes and the board is surrounded by the sun. Every turn, time passes, so the sun moves and casts different shadows. You can deduct points from fellow players if your trees cast shade on theirs and you gain points by growing your trees.  This game is simple to learn and very entertaining – and also educational!


If you (or the kids) love Dracula, Wolf Man, and Frankenstein – this is the board game for you. It’s a collaborative game so you all work together to build defenses around your town before the monsters descend! There are different levels of difficulty so you can adapt to the players’ comfort levels. You can even play it by yourself for those nights you get stuck quarantining alone! If you are looking for board games to play during lockdown, Game Goblins has you covered. You can visit the store, order online, or schedule a curbside pickup!