How To Not Spoil A Storytelling Game

May 6, 2019

Movies and Hot Wheels aren’t the only things with spoilers. Storytelling games have plot twist and shocking endings that need to be kept secret from those who have yet to play.

Many of our adventure games are just too good to keep secret. Stop by Game Goblins on Bowman road and find your next adventure.

Can’t keep a secret? We want to help you avoid unintentionally being that player. Here are a few tips on keeping things to yourself.


Secrets, secrets, are not fun.

It is not our intention to turn you into a pathological liar. Keeping secret shouldn’t be easy. But letting your friends and family experience the storytelling adventure without knowing the plot twists and ending is worth it.


Remember, it takes effort to not spoil a story.

Withholding information is stressful on your brain and your whole body. So, if at all possible, try to keep yourself out of these situations. Play the game with the players you so badly want to enjoy the adventure.

Remind yourself why it is a good idea to keep spoilers to yourself. Remember how fun the game was for you?


Write it down.

You need to get the excitement out somewhere. A journal will allow you to go full Goblin and geek out over every detail about the storytelling games and why you loved it.

Include any ideas you might have of where you would take the story next.

You will be surprised at how much stress that takes off your mind. The spoiler is in the world, not just in your head, and no one suffered.


Tell someone who won’t be bothered by the spoiler.

Know someone that is definitely not going to play the game or is 100% sure they want the spoilers — those kinds of players and movie-watchers are out there —? Tell them all about it.

Who knows? Maybe they will be so captivated by your retelling of the story, they’ll want to be in on the next expansion.


Distract yourself.

When all else fails, find a way to relieve the stress the spoiler is causing you. Pick up a puzzle. Write a novel. Re-organize your sock drawer. These are only a few ideas. Let your mind wander or work somewhere else.


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