Local Beer and Games

Since 2012, Game Goblins has been a part of the tabletop gaming landscape in Little Rock. We’re proud to be a place where gamers come to play, to trade, and to chat about their favorite games.

Now you can do all of that with a cold beer in your hand.


The Latest Addition to Game Goblins

Game Goblins is proud to announce our new beer menu. This isn’t just any beer menu, though. We’re using our beer-serving expertise to make sure our menu reflects who we are as a store: a hotspot that supports the local community while welcoming all comers.

All the beer we serve comes from Arkansas breweries. In fact, many of those breweries are right in the Little Rock area.

It may not get much recognition on a national scale, but Arkansas has a strong craft brewing industry and we’re proud to support it.

On top of our local support, Game Goblins is also known for being a place where people of all kinds and backgrounds can come together. We decided it would be fitting if our beer menu did the same.

We’re excited to offer a wide range of brews on our menu. Feeling hoppy? We have a double IPA that will hit the spot. Want to feel like you’re drinking beer with a side of chocolate cake? Look no further than the Diamond Bear Pig Tail Porter we’re serving up.

Whatever beer variety your taste buds desire, chances are that we have a cold one ready to go.


What to Enjoy With Your Beer

As great as beer is, it’s even better when you can accompany it with some top-tier entertainment. What do you know? We have that, too.

If you want a place to play while you sip, check out our demo library. It’s full of fun games you can play for free while you hang out at our game store.

If you’re more of a social drinker, Game Goblins is the place for you too. We’re proud to be a staple in the tabletop gaming community, and there’s always someone here ready to chat about your favorite games.

Our packed calendar of gaming events is the perfect place to look the next time you want a night out. From tournaments to meet-ups, there are plenty of ways to connect with your fellow Little Rock gamers and have a great time.

As an added bonus, we have a knowledgeable staff of full-fledged gaming genius. A passion for tabletop gaming is a prerequisite for our employees, so Game Goblins is a great place to learn more about your favorite games or discover new ones while you enjoy your favorite beer.


Everything You Want in an Entertainment Spot

We all have busy lives and responsibilities. Sometimes all you want at the end of a long day is a cold beer and someone to chat with about your shared interests. Now you can get both at Game Goblins thanks to our new beer menu.

To take full advantage, visit Game Goblins during our open hours or jump into the community at one of our upcoming events.