MTG Artists You Must Check Out (we spend WAY to much time looking at MTG art on Deviantart and are now using this blog post to justify that time.)

November 5, 2018

Do you know someone with an impressive collection of Magic: The Gathering cards that they amassed based on the art? The art behind the Magic: The Gathering playing cards is what draws many players in. They are more than just images when you bring them to life on the battlefield.

We could spend all day going over the greatest artists of them all. But let’s get started on some artists that have caught our attention recently.



See the action and imaginative elements Ryan Yee brings to life with his art. You’ll find his work on many cards including the legendary creature, Spirit Soldier Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit. His work is also featured on land cards for Arid Mesa, Command Tower, and more. His work on creature cards includes a stunning piece for an elemental creature, Fire Servant.


Something about the hue each piece brings to life. Much of the Magic: The Gathering world is left up to your imagination. Yee’s pieces leave just enough details in the background to bring a moment to life.



Check out the resource and you’ll find cards featuring Joe Slucher’s art. Slucher has an artistic-yet-imaginative take on many different aspects of the Magic: The Gathering multiverse.


He has illustrated an Aza Warrior, a Vampire Wizard, a Human Assassin, an Elemental, an instant card featuring Belzenlok, an enchantment card called Demoton, a sorcery card Fiery Finish, and more.



Where color is more than just a palette. Randy Vargas Gómez creates a sense of movement, circumstance, and action with the use of color in his Magic: The Gathering art. The characters he paints really come to life. If you’re into Magic dinosaur characters, look no further than his pieces: Runic Armasaur MTG, Huatli’s Snubhorn MTG, and Burning’s Sun Avatar MTG.



Browse through the realistic yet mystical creations of Anna Steinbaur. Imagine yourself in the world of Magic with these ominous yet epic characters to encounter. Steinbaur covers a wide variety of Magic: The Gathering realms.


She even manages to bring the franchise home for the holidays with the truly breathtaking piece, Let It Snow, and a more festive piece, Happy Holidays.