Magic: The Gathering | Necromancers You Meet In Real Life

Necromancer cards in Magic: The Gathering are useful if a you want to return a creature to the battlefield after it have been sent to the graveyard. Do you have a friend that keeps bringing up the past?

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When we talk about real life necromancers we are not talking about the acquaintances you keep at a distance because you don’t want find to yourself in a situation that ends up inspiring the next horror film craze. Superstitious or not, we live in the 21st century and have seen enough horror movIES TO KNOW BETTER.

Here are a few Necromancers who aren’t bringing target creatures back from the graveyard, they bring back ordinary things.


Joke Necromancer.

Do you know anyone still making your mom jokes? Do you have a friend that is still bringing up that one time you did something embarrassing in grade school? Their only battlefield advantage is being easily amused.


Argument Necromancer.

This person can never agree to disagree. Spot them with a powerpoint regarding the correct pronunciation of “.gif”. They will also make desperate attempts to make fun of your opinion. Even if your opinion was about something boring, like the weather. Once played, they make everyone uncomfortable.


Fashion Necromancer.

This person is more of a fashion legendary planeswalker than a creature. Their battlefield advantage is that they always have a closet full of bomb clothes to wear. They can create a trend by communicating with trends from the past. Who was the first person you know to start wearing chokers again?


Party Necromancer.

The best kind of necromancer to spend the weekend with. We don’t know who they are communicating with. Somehow they can turn any dull cookout into a night of fun, unforgettable memories—unless you are over 21 and have no recollection of how you got home. Their battlefield advantage? They are nowhere to be found if the local authorities show up.


Science Necromancer.

Last but not least, whatever scientist that hasn’t seen Jurassic Park. They are not your everyday necromancer. Through careful study, excavation, and other scientific efforts they have communicated with the past and learned enough to potentially try and recreate these dangerous dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are awesome. But our society would be devastated. They would cost us millions of dollars in property damage, PETA would get involved, and eventually someone would be eaten while trying to take a selfie.