Board Games | New Releases At Game Goblins

At Game Goblins, we keep our shelves stocked with the latest board games and card games. Here are six new releases we think are worth checking out.

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Beneath Nexus

This game is built for three to six players, but reviews recommend at least four players. Inspired by games like D&D and Magic: The Gathering, the Beneath Nexus board game has a fantasy adventure theme. Can you defeat the Blight Lord?

Players should be eight years of age or older. A round of Beneath Nexus can take 60 to 90 minutes.


Endless Pass: A Viking Saga

Will you be the last viking standing? Or get 10 glory wins and become the Conqueror in Valhalla. This card game is full of mythology, fight strategy, and beautiful illustrations—an essential part of any fantasy card game.

To play you will need two to six players ages 14 and up. A round takes about 30 minutes.


Crystal Clans

In this card game, two players battle with a unique set of clans to win all four crystals and dominate the world. There are six clans, each with unique strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield:

  1. Water Clan
  2. Flower Clan
  3. Skull Clan
  4. Blood Clan
  5. Meteor Clan
  6. Stone Clan

Those familiar with grid movement and hand management will get to put those tabletop gaming skills to use. A round of Crystal Clans takes 30 to 60 minutes to play. This game is recommended for players ages 14 and up.


Clans of Caledonia

Who would be up for a trip to Scotland? What about Scotland in the 19th century? This game is based on the industrialization Scotland went through in the 19th century. The goal is for each player to use the clans skills to trade, produce, and export goods until one player’s clans are dominating trade in Scotland.

This game can be played single player or with up to four players. It takes 30 to 120 minutes to play a round of Clans of Caledonia.


Anatomy Fluxx

In a game of Anatomy Fluxx the rules change as the cards do. The theme of the game is anatomy. Players will deal with a dangerous virus, a tricky mutation, bacteria creepers, and more.  

This game is designed for two to six players ages eight and up. A round of Anatomy Fluxx can be played in five to 30 minutes.