New Year, New Games! Check These New Release Out at Game Goblins

January 3, 2019

New games are being released all the time! Here are a few that caught our attention.


Maybe you’ve heard about them on our Facebook Page, or maybe you’ve seen them while wandering around the Game Goblins store looking for a new table top adventure.

Give these a try!


1. Gloomhaven

Get your friends together and begin this adventure into the forgotten ruins and menacing dungions that exist in Gloomhaven’s dark corner of the world. This cooperative play game is played the same way a story would unfold. It is recommended that players play Gloomhaven over many sessions. Each session determining how the next will proceed.


A game of Gloomhaven can be played with up to four players ages 12 and up. It takes about an hour or two to complete the story. You’ll really enjoy this adventure if you are drawn to games with a fantasy theme, miniatures, and storytelling.


2. Catan Scenario: Crop Trust

Love a good game of Catan? Branch out with Catan Scenario: Crop Trust. This expansion follows players into a world where they must manage a harvest, seeds, other players, and more. Will you grow enough food before winter? Players must also be careful not allow their competition to endanger the growing plane as it is the only source of food.


This game is played with three to four players ages 12 and up. A round of Canan Scenario: Crop Trust takes about 90 minutes. You’ll use negotiation skills, be at the mercy of dice rolling, manage your hand, move around a modular board, and more.


3. KeyForge

No two battles are the same. No two decks are the same. You are at a great mercy of the one-of-a-kind hand you’re dealt. The only thing you can count on is your wits. This is a non-collectable card battle game with no booster packs.


Two players are required to battle. A KeyForge battle takes around 15 to 45 minutes. This game is recommended for players ages 14 and up who are looking to challenge their tabletop tactical battle skills.

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