New Year's Resolutions We Have For Board Games

January 3, 2019

What is your new year’s resolution? Here are a few we thought of for — of course — board games. Get better. Play more. And have fun!

Think of a broad goal and then find a way to make measurable progress.


1. Try new board games.

How many new board games do you want to play this year? 10? 40? 4? Set yourself a number and make a plan to achieve playing that many board games.


Dust off the ones you own that haven’t been played yet. Ask your friends for new board game recommendations. Stop by Game Goblins! You don’t have to break the bank to achieve this goal. We’ve got a whole library of games for customers to try out. Those count!


2. Try playing your favorite tabletop games differently.

Do you have a favorite tabletop challenge? Many board games are flexible to be played different ways. Make a point to play your favorites differently. You may have to play them over a few times.


3. Set a goal for playing a number of board games a number of times.

Practice and experience makes you a better player at any game. If you are an avid board gamer, set yourself a goal for a number of times you want to play a game over again.


Broaden your skills by taking this goal to other games too.


4. Start or grow a board gaming group.

What does your board game night look like? A good group of board game buddies is irreplaceable, but not a rarity. If you already have a good group for playing board games, consider growing it. A new person can stick around, or not be interested after a few games. If nothing else, you’ll have gotten to know someone new.


Don’t have a board game group? Start one! Or find one to be part of. You’d be surprised how many people you are around every day that love — or would love and just don’t know it yet — playing board games.


At Game Goblins, we host game nights. Stop by those. Here is a calendar.