Noctiluca | A Board Game Review And Some Ocean Trivia

June 9, 2019

Noctiluca is an ocean-themed strategy game with 104 colorful dice. Roll the dice, collect your fortune, but keep an eye on your fellow players.

The game is recommended for players ages eight and up. It takes about 30 minutes to complete a full game of Noctiluca. This can be played solo or with up to four players.

We like this game for many reasons. Firstly, Noctiluca is named after a mystical-yet-real-life, ocean-dwelling species of Dinoflagellate commonly referred to as “sea sparkle”. It is known for the shimmery glow it displays. Secondly, this strategy-packed game is challenging without being too overboard. The design of this game is rather straightforward. It’s the artwork that beautifully reflects this nautical theme.

The ocean is super freakin’ rad. If you think the sea sparkle is cool, keep reading for some more ocean trivia.


The ocean is doing its own thing.

The grand canyon is underwhelming compared to the canyons in the ocean. There is a waterfall in the Atlantic ocean that is larger than any waterfall on land, even Niagara Falls. There are currents of water that act like rivers at the bottom of the ocean. There are also still pockets of water that act like lakes.

Volcanoes erupt, earthquakes happen, unreasonably sized fish exist and it’s normal.

Basically, there is a whole world down there that is very similar to the one we live in on land. We have very little access to it. The current movement is shaping and moving the earth. We see very little of what all is going on.


Even with its depths, the ocean still has a huge impact on dry land.

The ocean does its own thing until the ocean can’t stay in the ocean anymore. Tsunamis are natural disasters that happen when there has been a seismic event, like an earthquake, occurs deep beneath the ocean.

A tsunami can travel up to 500 miles per hour in the ocean. Once they near the land they slow down but can reach heights of 100 feet.

Waves beneath the surface are even larger.


The ocean keeps us humble.

The ocean is full of treasure, artifacts — shipwrecks, and valuable minerals. All those valuables will remain in the ocean. We know about them. They are just unreachable due to deadly amounts of water pressure and other dangers.

With technology, we’ve been able to learn more about the ocean’s floor. Yet, we have only been able to actually explore a small fraction of it.

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