4 Reasons to Play The Pokemon Trading Card Game

January 8, 2018

Many owners of Pokemon cards just collect and trade. 

Here are 4 reasons from the team at Game Goblins to bring your Pokemon cards out of the shadows of your collection and onto the tabletop playspace for battle.

1. It’s fun.

Do you ever say—or write—something so cliche that you half expect a spitball to come out of nowhere and hit you in the forehead. Asking for a friend.

The level of entertainment this trading card game has to offer is a relatively easy point to argue when you are trying to convince a friend to learn how to play.

It’s Pokémon. Of course it’s fun.

It offers the same rush most players look for in a tabletop, battle-style game like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh. Many players say it offers the same rush without having to learn as much of the details about the rules and unique cards.

2. Building a Deck is less Expensive and still Customizable to Each Player’s Playing Style.

Like many collectible trading card games, the Pokémon trading card game requires that each player build a deck. This allows each player to create a custom deck according to their battlefield preferences.

Pokémon cards tend to be less expensive, especially if you are collecting the cards to play the tabletop game. This is because many Pokémon cards that might have less value as a collectable can be a great addition to your playing deck.

3. The Game is Constantly Being Updated to Accommodate new Cards. 

A common complaint of the Pokémon trading card game is that many of the old Pokemon cards are not allowed—depending on the format. There is a good reason for this.

The makers of this great card game deactivate cards to keep the game fresh and free of any glitches and unfair advantages. This keeps the game fun for all players, new and experienced.

4. Get Face-to-Face Time with Players that have a Shared Interest in Pokemon Cards.

The Pokémon trading card game offers a great opportunity to meet new friends and have fun seeing your curated deck take its place on a battlefield.

At Game Goblins we know the value of a face-to-face tabletop card game. That’s why we provide a 6,000 sq. ft., well-lit, friendly playspace just for tabletop gaming. The rush of playing the game is only intensified when you get together with friends and fellow Pokémon card collectors.

For more information on Pokemon Cards, visit their official site here.