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Puzzle Permanent Conserver (17954)

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With the ready to use Puzzle Conserver from Ravensburger you can permanently conserve your jigsaw puzzle. This special adhesive also gives the surface a glossy finish to enhance your puzzle's brilliant colors. It can be used on regular Ravensburger puzzles of all sizes, Ravensburger Color Star Line Puzzles, Ravensburger Wooden Structure Puzzles and Ravensburger Glitter Puzzles. One bottle seals 8 puzzles with 500 pieces or 4 puzzles with 1000 pieces. To protect the working surface, place paper, wax paper, or plastic wrap underneath the puzzle. Liberally apply some conserver to the surface of the puzzle, being sure to dab into crevices. Repeat if necessary. Allow it to dry approximately 1 hour until the conserver turns clear. Rinse the sponge applicator under running water and let dry after each use.