Snack Hacks Stores That Sells Board Games Want You To Try

February 4, 2019

Some of you have never eaten cheese puffs with a fork so the cheese wouldn’t get on your new board games and it shows.

Game Goblins and other stores that sell board games cringe at the thought of letting the beautiful, new or vintage board game getting soiled by poor table manners. Get out those chopsticks and enforce a chin-away-from-the-table rule.


Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pretzel Nuggets.

It’s board game night, why not enjoy some sugary goodness.


These nuggets are made in the microwave. You basically smother sourdough pretzel nuggets in sugary goodness and pop it in the microwave for two minutes. (You should still read the directions.) After the nuggets cool, it is all about presentation — and not getting any grease on your game.


How do you make the board-game friendly? Here are a few ideas.*

  • Serve these in individual bowls that are larger than necessary and use chopsticks — or forks.
  • Serve them half full in a red solo cup. Bottoms up to get the delicious goodness in your mouth without touching them.


Find the full recipe here.


Easy Mexican Sour Cream Dip

You won’t believe how good sour cream, salsa, some basic spices, and shredded Mexican cheese can taste when mixed together just right. Your board game buddies won’t either. Once you have the ingredients together, this recipe takes maybe two minutes to make.


Click here to see the recipe.


Serve with tortilla chips.


Here are a few tips to keep this delicious dip off the board game.*

  • Mix the tortilla chips in with the dip and eat with a fork. Same ingredients, just skip the dip.
  • Serve the dip with the dip already on the chips. Eat these open-face delicacies with large spoons. — And send us a video if this looks as ridiculous as it sounds.



Served with so many other ingredients, that shouldn’t be called popcorn anymore.

You can’t go wrong with popcorn. Just step up your game. Here are a few recipes to try.


These recipes have too many ingredients for chopsticks — our usual choice for popcorn. Here are a few ideas.*

  • Serve the popcorn in cups small enough for one mouthful. Popcorn shots anyone?
  • Put the popcorn in red solo cups. That way each player can determine how much popcorn should be considered a “mouthful”.


Garlic Parmesan Popcorn

This recipe isn’t the easiest, but it sure is worth the fuss. *googles “heavy bottom pot”*


Reese’s Popcorn Munch

How well do you know your Reese’s candy? This recipe calls for three different kinds of Reese’s.


If you are just accident-prone, stop by Game Goblins and get sleeve protectors, game mats, and more to protect your games. We want you to enjoy the board games we sell for as long as possible.


*These are just ideas. We have not tried them. These tips could go terribly wrong. Use your own discretion. Feedback is welcome.