4 New Games for Teens at Game Goblins

September 25, 2017

Looking to break your child away from the screen with some fun tabletop games for teens? It’s a tough crowd, but we have a few new games that are perfect for players ages 12 to 14 and up.

Get them interested in family game night again. No bribery needed.

Stop buy Game Goblins and check out our selection of tabletop games for teens. We have plenty of new releases and undiscovered—yet timeless—classics.

Tabletop games for Teens #1. The Networks

Think you can run a network? Television shows age and get less viewers, actors are demanding, and ad placement matters. If you’re looking for tabletop games for teens, this one has so much strategy and real-world examples, you might consider putting it on your resume.

The Networks can be played solo or with up to five players. It’s a great game for teens ages 13 and up. It was developed in 2016 by Gil Hova, funded by kickstarter.

Players get a chance to strategize a network for five seasons. Whoever has the most viewers at the end of five seasons wins. The creative theme of this game gives players a seemingly real-world challenge with creative elements and twists. It incorporates humor with parodies of real life television shows, actors, and unique advertisements. Let us know how it goes on our Facebook page

Tabletop games for Teens #2. Deadline

Ever wanted to solve a film-noir style murder in 1938 New York?

Who hasn’t?

Deadline is a co-operative, storytelling game with a case for you to solve. Players play as savvy detectives that work with abilities and clues as the cards allow. Play with two to four players, ages 14 and up. A round of Deadline should take 45 minutes to an hour.

No spoilers allowed.

The game includes 12 cases with each case using anywhere from 17 to 21 cards.

Tabletop games for Teens #3. Exoplanets

Recommended for those interested in astronomy, Exoplanets is a science fiction game with a little more science and a little less fiction. In this territory building game, players build a planet and work to inhabit it with a species.

The game is played with the resources energy, gas, and water. Each player’s luck and strategy depend on space tiles. Space tiles give you points, but can also create disturbances in the game to align the planets in your favor. Create a species to live on a planet by using your resources to buy lives. Five lives creates a species.

The planets are set in motion. This game is recommended for players ages 12 and up. You need two to four players to play a round and a round takes about an hour.

Tabletop games for Teens #4. Tumblin’ Dice

Need a good dexterity game to take a break from all this strategy? Tumblin’ Dice is the perfect party board game.

Throw dice down the stairs of an outstretched board. Count points based on which side of the dice is facing up multiplied by the number on the stair that you reached. The further down the board the better.

What’s fun about this game, like most dexterity games, the rules are simple. Once you learn to play, you can mix it up and add rules.

Tumblin’ Dice is recommended for one to four players ages 13 and up. A full game, rules applied, takes about 30 minutes to play.