The Best Tables for Tabletop Gaming

When the coffee table is awkward, the kitchen table doesn’t cut it, and you’re tired of the creaky old folding card table – it’s time to invest in a real gaming table! With the growth of tabletop gaming and rise of geek culture, the market has finally provided some excellent solutions. Whether you’re hosting weekly Dungeons and Dragons games or just an avid Settler of Catan, take a look at these absolute dream tables at every budget level. Most of these tables can replace a coffee or dining room table and still get the job done – so read on for your next home upgrade!

Top of the Line: Prophecy by Wyrmwood

Gorgeous and ultimately functional, the Prophecy Gaming Table by Wyrmwood is the best on the market. At $5,000 (or more according to which accessories and options you choose), this table is not for the entry-level gamer and might take some saving up, but it’s such a finely-crafted piece of furniture that it will most likely outshine your current dining room set! Featuring a large playing area and magnetic rail system to hold drinks, dice, components, miniatures, and other tabletop must-haves, the Prophecy provides the perfect setting for your next adventure. 

Wyrmwood introduced the Prophecy with a game-changing feature – the adjustable-height play area. A removable hand crank can bring the playing area up to full table height or recess the play area according to your preference. Best of all, you can lower the playing area and leave your game boards set just as they were to make it all the more easy to pick up where you left off next week! The table topper that comes with the Prophecy has safeguards against any spills or messes that happen at the dining room table from sinking into your play area, protecting the table – and your games – from potential party fouls! And if assembling furniture isn’t your thing, Wyrmwood offers white glove delivery services to get you playing in no time!

The Jasper Gaming Table

Next on the list – a more affordable option for the dining room. The Jasper features a recessed play area and table topper that allows you to transform your kitchen table into a play space in no time flat! Available in three finishes, this table will fit just about any design theme and rounds out your dining-room-turned-dungeon for just under $1,200. Available options include matching chairs, cup and wine glass holders, and two different shelving sizes to make play time comfortable and convenient. 

The Jasper is also a solid-wood table hand-built by American craftsmen, so you can count on its quality. The tongue and groove design – complete with a rubber gasket – keeps your play area protected against dining table messes and seals up your play area to be picked up later. The removable play surface of the Jasper is a rigid polyester with a soft spring to allow for easy card pickup and reliable dice bounces. The Jasper is a great option for value and function!

Smaller Gaming Tables from Uniquely Geek

Maybe you’re not looking for a full-sized dining room table. At Uniquely Geek, you’ll find their unique Marquess Gaming Table doubles as a great bar-height table that seats up to four with a suitable gameplay area. They also offer a coffee table option – called the Viscount – that includes super convenient under-table storage and drawers. At $1,400 to $1,800, these custom-built tables can fit your gaming into smaller spaces like a living room, den, or bonus room without breaking the bank! Both tables feature recessed gaming areas and matching toppers, so the tables themselves are multi-use and fit into any home or apartment!

Wyrmwood’s Latest: The Modular Gaming Table

Wyrmwood is hands down the best gaming table maker on the market. Their newest offering is a modular gaming table that grows with its user. Gamers can customize the size, height, and accessories of these awesome gaming tables starting at just $300. Of course, you can customize a table all the way up to well over $10,000 – but the team at Wyrmwood presents an affordable offering and white glove delivery including assembly. This project is just off its debut on Kickstarter, so gamers can expect to start pre-ordering in mid-2021. 

Game with the Best

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