Travel board games. Summer spin. Take them with you.

July 20, 2019

Ready for summer road trips? Got big vacations planned for your friends or the whole family? Summer is a great time to hit the road and travel someplace new and exciting. 

Not everyone loves the long hours spent traveling to get to these new and exciting places — especially if you have small goblins to entertain. We’ve got a great solution for you! Here are five board and card games that are perfect for travel. 


1. Spot it! On The Road

The mechanics of Spot It! On The Road were not changed at all to make it road-friendly. The cards just have travel-themed graphics. 

What makes it perfectly wonderful for road trips? It’s travel-themed graphics make it easy to take the game from the cards to the scenery outside the car. 

This game is best played with two to eight players, ages seven and up. A round would take about 15 minutes. Playing time might differ depending on how the players adapt the game to fit their trip. 

While it is tailored for travel, this game is meant for passengers only, not the driver. 


2. Cartag License Plate Poker

Many games invented to entertain passengers on road trips involve trying to spot things outside the vehicle, like license plates. 

This game takes license plate hunting to a whole new level. It is played like a basic game of poker. Only instead of cards, players need to pair license plates. 

Cartag License Plate Poker can be played solo. But it is probably most fun with two to four players. It is recomended for players ages eight and up. Everything you’ll need to play — except for that one winning license plate — is included in the box. 


3. Over/Under

A game that can include the driver! It is played using the random, seemingly useless information you have stored inside your head. The game is travel-friendly because all the pieces fit in a small box. A passenger will need to keep score, not the driver. There are 600 questions to keep the game going as the milemarkers fly by. 

You need at least two players to play Over/Under. It is recommended for players ten or older. The game is over when the deck is out. The winner has the most cards!


4. Codenames

To take this game on the road, a little pre-planning is required. The American Patriette recommends using smart phones instead of the 5x5 cards. Players can make marks with photo editing apps. The “board” is still shared, it’s just digital. The driver? If it’s not distractng, they can play too! The driver cannot be a spymaster. But the guessing is eyes-on-the-road friendly. 

This is a fun family game, on the go or stationary. It requires two to eight players ages 14 and up. It typically takes 15 minutes to play a round of Codenames. 


5. Hive Pocket

Who doesn’t love a good game of Hive? Here is a version of the award-winning game you can fit in your pocket. Hive Pocket is perfect for unexpected layovers, entertaining small goblins in hotel rooms, or relaxing on the beach. 

To make Hive venicle-friendly, you’ll need a tray. And a steady driver. 

A round of Hive requires only two players and takes about 20 minutes. Hive Pocket includes a Ladybug and Mosquito expansion. In total, you’ll be playing with 26 pieces.