What is Warhammer 40K?

August 9th, 2017

Where do we even start with Warhammer 40k?

If you are interested in learning more about Warhammer 40K—maybe your friends play or your kids are just getting interested, just start anywhere. As soon as you start learning about the Warhammer 40K world you’ll see why it’s caught the attention of so many players worldwide.

The complexities of this future dystopian society far outreach the span of this blog. But we would like to give you a taste to help you decide if you would like to learn more.

Characters in Warhammer 40K

Here is a very basic overview of the various races in the Warhammer 40K universe. These races each have their own complexities and diversities.

● Let’s start with the Imperium of Man. It is a single unified race of 40K humans. They follow an imprisoned leader and must find a way to survive in a world of chaos and war. Humans in this dystopian society do exist. They can be ordinary as serfs or powerful as Space Marines.

● Chaos is less of a race and more of an entity. It is a parallel universe that takes a hold of the Warhammer 40K universe through emotions. It’s doing it’s best to destroy the universe from within. Turning as many evil as it can. Most chaos oriented beings stay in what is called the Eye of terror.

● Next is the Elders. This is a race that once lived in luxury but got bored. They live a long time and needed something other than a life of luxury and peace to keep them entertained. They accidentally created a demon god that now terrorizes the universe. Now that their life of luxury is no longer what it was, they spend their time following paths. One of these paths can be military. Since they live a long time, Elders are very skilled fighters.

● Do you have an annoying cousin? The Elders do. The race of the Dark Elders is the race that comes very close to pure evil. They thrive on pain and suffering.

● Humans stay within the Imperium of Man race, but the Tau have developed a human-like world with technology. They live under better circumstances but these human-like characters don’t have free will. A lower ranking Tau obeys a superior without questions or hesitation.

● The Tryanid are a race to be feared. They evolve to defeat any planet they target by evolving as they have to. A planet defeated by the Trinidad isn’t even left with a atmosphere.

● The Ork are an engineered race evolved from a need to defeat a race called the Necron. They are the perfect fighting machine but they crave conflict and are characterized by recklessness.

● The Necron race that the Ork were engineered to fight is also a dangerous engineered race. Among other things, they have the ability to repair themselves if wounded.

Means of Play

Warhammer 40K involves imaginative play, strategy and outside-the-box thinking. Here are the
different ways this game can be played.

● Open Play. A great place for beginners to start. Open play only requires two players. It’s called “open play” because there is room for imagination. Each player brings their pieces to the table. This is also a great way for seasoned players to test out unusual army combinations and see how the game would work if the rules were changed up.

● Narrative Play. Almost like storytelling. Since Warhammer 40K is such a vast universe, the rules of the game can often be tied into a narrative. To play Warhammer 40K in narrative play mode. The players must agree on a story that includes motivations and paths that they want to follow.

● Matched Play. Warhammer 40K is a great tabletop game for players wanting to test their strategy skills. Tournaments of Warhammer 40K are played on Matched Play.

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