Why You Should Be Stopping By Game Goblins More Often

August 13, 2018

If you are too busy for Game Goblins, perhaps you are too busy in general.

We aren’t just a pokemon card shop or RPG gathering hotspot. Game Goblins hosts events for players interested in all different kinds of games. Stop by to find a fun party game, a new hobby, and make some friends while you are here.

At Game Goblins, we are always restocking our shelves with the latest in board games and card games. If you have lost interest in your current game of choice, there is a whole world of tabletop entertainment you can dive right into.

Here are just a few of the new releases we have at our shop.


Spy Club

You and your friends can play this game over and over again. There are over 40 mysteries to be solved. This game requires two to four players ages 10 and up. Players work together to solve one mystery at a time. A round of Spy Club takes about 45 minutes and only uncovers one of the 40+ mysteries the game has to offer.

Play the game in five rounds. Allowing players to uncover clues. However, you can only do so much in a turn. Working together is crucial.



This game has a smartphone app! Get it for Apple products here and on Google Play here. The Renegade card game can be played alone or with up to five players that are 11 years of age or older. It takes 30 to 90 minutes to play a game of Renegade.

In the game, each player plays a deck as a survivor of an overruling AI called “Mother”. This eerie, sci fi plot goes underground a dystopian society. Most members of society have had their brain taken over by this computer. Everyone but the renegades.

Your “Decker” must survive among the roughest crowd. The goal of the game is to fight against Super-Massive Computer systems. Your cards will help you get into the network without getting caught.



Do you have the strength and intelligence to survive in this post-apocalyptic world? In Outlive, players must strategize for the day and night phases of each turn to guarantee their survival.

This game is best played with two to four players ages 14 and up. A game takes 40 to 110 minutes to play.

The unique flow of this game leaves us with an interesting idea. Outlive organizes each turn into six days. You could take those days and play it in real-time with your friends. Maybe make it part of your lunch routine? It would leave players with ample time to come up with a strategy. This also could backfire as players become disinterested.

Who wants to give it a try?