Why play Yu-Gi-Oh! at Your Local Game Store?

September 23, 2017

Why play Yu-Gi-Oh! at Game Goblins? It’s not just that we have 6,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to tabletop games. Or that we host a Yu-Gi-Oh! Constructed game night every Sunday.

Here are five reasons why you should bring your Yu-Gi-Oh! game to Game Goblins.

Learn more about Events at Game Goblins: https://gamegoblins.com/events/

  1. Build your Collection.

Ready to invest in new cards? We have a full collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for sale in central Arkansas. Spend your card budget wisely when you add to your deck or make a trade at Game Goblins.  

Investing is an easier decision to make if you regularly hang out at a local game store. Check out the latest starter and structure decks. Play out your deck a few times to see what you could be missing and do some research. It also makes it convenient to get feedback from other players.

  1. Learn the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! updates.

The game is always changing with new cards—link monsters anyone?—and rules. When something changes, what does that mean for how you approach a battle? A local game store is ready with new cards to play and full of other players to learn with.

  1. Battle new Players.

This maybe the best thing about taking your battle skills to a local game store. Getting to battle a variety of other players will really help you improve your game.

Playing with random people online can only help you improve so much. Nothing beats playing against a real person. Or better yet, a dedicated Yu-Gi-Oh! practice partner. Having a partner will help you track your progress and get a better idea of where you both need to improve.

  1. Exchange Decks with Other Players.

It might sound crazy. You carefully thought through all your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards when you built your deck. Why would you let someone else play it?

Playing your deck from the other side of the table can be very helpful in improving your battle skills. Look at your own weaknesses and strengths. Is there something that you haven’t been taking full advantage of?  

  1.  Learn how to play Tournament Style or Casual Play.

New to Yu-Gi-Oh!? Than you could really benefit from a local game store community of players. Yu-Gi-Oh! can be played as a tournament. Battling each player to see who comes out on top. Or casual play, where the rules are agreed on and your personal deck matters.

Learn both at Game Goblins, and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.