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Accessories and Supplies

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  • Citadel: 40mm Bases


    Citadel: 40mm Bases


    Citadel Bases provide a stable, steady platform for your models to stand on, and can be painted any way you please to add character and atmosphere to your armies. This pack contains five Citadel 40mm Round Bases. 

  • Citadel: Assembly Handle (66-16)


    Citadel: Assembly Handle (66-16)


    The perfect tool to use when assembling some of our more complex miniatures, the Citadel Assembly Handle is designed to hold components securely in place while glue takes hold. Sometimes, a tiny component can require holding in place for several minutes...

  • Citadel: Brush: Large Shade Brush (63-17)


    Citadel: Brush: Large Shade Brush (63-17)


    This brush (L Shade) holds a huge amount of paint, meaning a faster, more consistent coverage when shading your Citadel miniatures. The ox hair bristles have been chosen specifically for their ability to hold as much paint as possible - you’ll be...

  • Citadel: Brush: Medium Glaze Brush (63-24)


    Citadel: Brush: Medium Glaze Brush (63-24)


    Featuring synthetic bristles for optimal shape retention and the finest point, this medium brush (M Glaze) will make short work of applying Citadel Glaze paints to your miniatures. Detail work is made quick and easy - you’ll be amazed by what you...

  • Citadel: Brush: Medium Shade Brush (63-16)


    Citadel: Brush: Medium Shade Brush (63-16)


    A round brush with a point designed for detailed shading, this brush (M Shade) features a synthetic and sable bristle blend for maximum paint retention, with an optimised bristle length allowing immediate, impressive results.

  • Citadel: Drill (66-64)


    Citadel: Drill (66-64)


    The Citadel Hobby Drill is used for pinning together parts of Citadel miniatures that may need a little extra support, like securing the huge skeletal wings of the Zombie dragon onto it’s body. It is also great for creating holes in gun barrels and...

  • Citadel: File Set (66-66)


    Citadel: File Set (66-66)


    Files are used to remove the small imperfections that may be created when you cut the model from it’s frame. This set contains two files; one rough and one fine. Both are half round in shape and feature a fine point, enabling you to file down and...

  • Citadel: Fine Detail Cutters (66-62)


    Citadel: Fine Detail Cutters (66-62)


    From the very first clip, building a brand new Citadel miniature is a fantastically rewarding experience, and using the right tools for the job ensures you can prepare and assemble your models with ease. Our Fine Detail Cutters have been specifically...