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RPG: Shadowrun: Sixth Edition: 30 Nights (CAT28400)

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30 Nights is a detailed campaign book to help players learn and have fun with Shadowrun, Sixth World. It introduces players to new rules and new plot lines, plunging them into the growing chaos in the UCAS as they look into the source of a mysterious blackout plaguing Toronto.

The adventures can be played as a single gaming session to introduce players to the new rules, multiple sessions hitting highlights from the adventures, or a detailed campaign propelling the players through each of the 30 nights of the blackout and ensuing chaos.

RPG: Alien: Base Dice Set (FLF-ALE004)


RPG: Alien: Base Dice Set (FLF-ALE004)


A set of ten engraved Base Dice, designed specifically for the ALIEN Roleplaying Game. These 16 mm special dice are designed to support the game mechanics but can be used as normal six-sided dice as...