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The Army Painter: Battlefields: Battlefield Snow (TAPBF4112)

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SUPER REALISTIC LOOK AND PROVEN VERSATILITY – All The Army Painter miniature terrain and diorama supplies have a realistic look and can be combined for great effects. Use this white colored sand to start basing your warhammer 40k terrain, for SciFi basing, fantasy basing or any warhammer scenery FOR ANY ARCTIC CLIMATE OR WINTER BASES - This winter flock white sand will give a nice sharp contrast to a darker or very multi-colored model, miniature base or wargaming terrain. It’s a must for your army toys and basing supplies if your project is related to World War II HOW TO USE IT – Add glue onto the base of the finished model, then give it a quick drybrush and carefully dip the base in the pot of the battlefield snow. It glues easily and looks great. When dry, add Winter Tuft, Frozen Tuft or Wasteland Tuft for maximum effect USEFUL AND FUNCTIONAL PACKAGE – The Army Painter Battlefield Snow comes in a 150 ml plastic box which makes it easy to apply the basing sand without scattering it all over your work area WHAT FOR? – Ideal for any 15mm and 28mm terrain, military dioramas, railway sceneries, and any wargaming terrain