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Kobold Guide

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  • RPG: 5E: Deep Magic (KOBDMAG5E)

    Kobold Press

    RPG: 5E: Deep Magic (KOBDMAG5E)


    Our kobold minions have traveled the planes, seeking the secrets of magic: unearthing ancient tomes of forgotten civilizations, bargaining with demons and creatures of the void, and scaling the towers of shadow fey mages. Now they pass along their...

  • RPG: 5E: Tome of Beasts 2 (KOBTOB1002)

    Dungeons & Dragons

    RPG: 5E: Tome of Beasts 2 (KOBTOB1002)


    WIZARD: “It says it used to be a dragon of the outer darkness…”FIGHTER: “What does that even mean? Used to be? What is it now? Does anyone else speak Draconic?”WIZARD: “It says you are not sufficiently respectful to...

  • RPG: Kobold Guide To Monsters (KOB9047)

    Kobold Guide

    RPG: Kobold Guide To Monsters (KOB9047)


    Classic monsters can get stale, and Game Masters often need to generate their own monstrosities to properly challenge players. But concepting, creating, and using monsters is no easy feat for any Game Master—and that’s where this book comes...

  • RPG: Vault of Magic (KOB9245)

    Kobold Press

    RPG: Vault of Magic (KOB9245)


    A Trove of Powerful New Magic for 5E! The wizard peered through the hole in the tunnel wall and into the darkness of the ancient vault beyond. She murmured a few arcane words, searching for any telltale magical auras.Then she gasped.“What is...